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DMN: Patterson updates QB competition, says Frogs 'in better position than we were a year ago'

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Coach talk. If it were true, Robinson wouldn’t have ever seen the field.
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  2. Collins did nothing in the spring and is just now healthy enough to go through basic drills.

    If he is starting over guys who've been playing/training for months, it says everything we need to know about the caliber of QBs on the roster. Fortunately I doubt that will happen.

    I'd be shocked if anybody other than Delton took the majority of snaps against UAPB.
  3. UAPB is terrible and I could easily see a QB rotation employed..1 guy gets the first half and another the second..6 QBs seems ridiculous to try and evaluate properly. I still have a hard time believing we make to game 1 with all these guys
  4. Horrible news. Horrible horrible horrible news ugh.
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  5. Too bad you have all that doc review to do.
  6. That worked last year, didn't it
  7. Then we are looking at 7-5 or 8-4
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  8. No way Tech goes 8-4.
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  9. These comments from GP seem to indicate Max is as good as advertised. Who knows' some freshman come in ready to go. Either way, looks like we have some depth at qb. Not something to complain about, for sure.
  10. Don't disagree. My point is, I take that line just as seriously (which is to say, not much) as I do any other statement Gary is giving to the press right now- Including and maybe especially about JR's health.
  11. From what I’ve read/heard he is. Just have to get the coaching staff past their total aversion to consider playing a true freshman.
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  12. After the amount of games we pissed away due to bad QB play, I don’t believe even GP cares who wins the job as long as they lead us to points and help keep his defense fresh
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  13. Practice hasn’t started. The sky will be falling Day 3 of full pads.
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  14. #HappyGaryPissesMeOff
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  15. Can someone help me out here? I was always under the impression that JR was always a pocket passer that could run a little. I don’t think we ever envisioned him as a true RPO guy. Am I wrong?
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  16. Maybe so, but my concern is that Cumbie is somewhat now in the hot seat after a less than stellar offensive performance last season, so it is conceivable that he would pick the safest short term bet vs. the best long term bet.

    If you have a decent game manager that will assure you can reasonably land at respectable 8-4, that is job security. If you take a risk on a true freshman that might cost you a few games (or worse) due to rookie mistakes, but has a much higher ceiling to beat the big dogs (and assures a strong pathway into 2020 and beyond), which path do you take?
  17. I doubt Cumbie is on any kind of “hot seat” but he should be. Cumbie has yet to figure out a system that consistently produces despite having a pretty high level of talent compared to everyone not named OU/UT. He deserves to be catching much more heat than he has but GP is a classy guy.

    As for which path you take at QB, that’s super difficult. I’m personally not a fan of the game manager concept. This isn’t the old MWC days where you could line up and physically overwhelm everyone with a conservative off-balance style offense. You need guys who have poise and can push the ball down the field..GP knows that but his threshold for risk wears down really quick after a loss

    Bottom line is in today’s game you have put pressure on teams with your offense as much as your defense.
  18. I don't think you are wrong. I think he was the kind of guy in HS that could do whatever the heck he wanted to do, because so talented. IDK if anyone has any idea about what Sonny told him he would do at TCU... BUT- IF Sonny is the OC we need him to be, he can script an offense that racks up points and yards with whatever limitations JR may have with respect to his knee/ foot. If not, Sonny maybe isn't the guy.
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  19. If GP was going to play mind games about health issues, he would be commenting about Delton’s achilles injury and how JR has healed like Wolverine.
  20. Gary? Thanks for cracking the code, bro! It's been 20 years!!!

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