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DMN: Patterson updates QB competition, says Frogs 'in better position than we were a year ago'

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. I hear you man. But to me, the multiple “I told y’all” posts comes across as looking like you have a bone to pick with him, while trying to make yourself look like an insider. Yet you follow it up with Baldwin waiver talk.

    According to JC, Baldwin hasn’t taken a snap at TCU in practice and won’t through spring. He’s so far from being “the guy,” it makes JR’s rehab look ahead of schedule.

    And not to compare Jaylon Smith to JR as everyone’s injuries are different, but he played significant minutes as a LB wearing a brace to hold his foot in place.

    Maybe JR becomes a pro-style QB with hopes that his mobility improves(if true)with some help from Cumbie.
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  2. Great point. I get frustrated sometimes with the idea that Gary would rather have a competent RPO guy at qb than a great passer. And I think about the ridiculous run of non-running qbs at Tech, and wonder why we don't prioritize passing accuracy and quick reads/release over pretty much anything else.
  3. Tangent here, but isn't Mosley the same guy who write Holy Art's book and called Coach P "Gary Fatterson" on twitter one time? If so, Coach is a bigger person than I am, I would have gone on the show and told that a-hole to kiss my ass while I go game plan how to beat Baylor, AGAIN
  4. screwed***
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  5. Even if Baldwin is approved, he's a non factor. He's recovering from surgery and won't be going through fall camp.

    Delton, Collins, and Duggan are our 3 guys. Unfortunately, I will be writing off JR until I hear otherwise.
  6. i know people enjoy trying to read the "tea leaves" on the quarterback or other positions, but until we get close to the ark-pb game we just don't know nor will know who is truly healthy, who is truly ready, who is truly doing what sonny and gary want from the quarterback position
  7. Yep yep. Really have to read between the words and take everything he says with a grain of salt.
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  8. I'm with you on this.
  9. I’m with you. It’s been publicly noted how great his arm is. Let the kid dice up some secondaries. Got no problem with that at all.
  10. Why did I click on this thread? Seemed like a good idea after reading the title.
  11. TCU football head coach Gary Patterson wasted no time in addressing his quarterback situation Tuesday at the first media conference of the 2014 season.

    “We’re playing both quarterbacks, any other questions?” Patterson said.


    I believe kolby listenbee threw more passes than joeckel that year
  12. Jaylen Smith with Cowboys is healthy. It took 2+ years but he is a terror once again at LB.
  13. Didn't say spring...fall camp. Baldwin will be available in September but he will not be active the four weeks leading up to the Arkansas PB game.
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  14. JR literally played more in the meaningless spring game then any of the guys you listed.
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  15. Gotcha. So week two, Baldwin is “active.”

    To be clear, does active mean practicing full speed? Or just cleared to start getting up to speed.
  16. And if we’re comparing timelines, Jaylon Smith was still wearing the special boot on his leg at this exact point in his recovery that JR is at right now. He still had mobility issues and wasn’t fully recovered until he came back the next season. That could happen with JR as well, so even if he isn’t 100% this year it doesn’t mean he won’t eventually be. Time will tell.

    Like others have said, as long as he has enough mobility to move around in the pocket he has the ability to be a vertical passing QB.
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  17. Folks should relax about Collins. Reality of reps is reality. And it goes back to both spring and fall camp. Doubt he got the same reps as SR coming into last season. Starter is always gonna get the reps ...which is how time usually comes about. And there comes a comfort level. If Collins starts, he'll be good to go.
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  18. He looked good for about 10 minutes in that game...
  19. Of course, this all depends on how he has healed.
  20. GP has stated on multiple occasions that JR has by far the best arm in the clubhouse and I’m pretty sure he’s including Collins in that. I just think it’s hard to readjust an entire offense to a pro-style scheme after wearing Sonny out about changing away from the spread. Mobile QBs have given GP a pretty fair amount of issues over the years and that probably plays a role. The goal of fall is to get to two QBs and let the best one win. I anticipate that going all the way up until the Purdue game. All the QBs are going to get a chance to win the job.
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