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DMN: Patterson updates QB competition, says Frogs 'in better position than we were a year ago'

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Feels like some kinda kin to Darwin Barlow...
    Seriously this is what comes of digging into a position early on, then being committed to defending it in spite of any and all evidence of possibilities to the contrary.
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  2. To be fair, all evidence indicates he’s been right all along...
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  3. Like for team Country Frog, retweet for team Billy Clyde
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  4. Let’s talk about foot drop in a very basic way for a minute.

    For the dad bods here, imagine chasing your offspring around the coffee table. You take a turn too quickly and stub your big toe pretty bad. Even after your toe returns to normal color, you may notice your toe getting “caught” on carpet. It flexes into the ground and may pop a little. This doesn’t always happen, but it surprises you every once in awhile. You may think it’s healed, but then 2 years later, it happens again. Let’s be honest, you aren’t chasing them around every day at full strength.

    Now imagine it is your whole foot. It’s not a muscular or tendon injury that can be easily repaired. It’s nerve damage, like many of you may have elsewhere that is absolutely a [ hundin] to resolve. Every once in awhile, the foot doesn’t quite lift all the way and the brain doesn’t notice until it’s too late. The result is a hyperextension injury that could end a season. It doesn’t even take a hit to result in the injury. Straight line running could do it.

    Unless JR is one of the lucky few with full resolution, his dual threat days (to maintain his health) are over. That’s not to say that he can’t out-run you. 499 out of 500 times he beats you in a foot race, but the 1 out of 500 or whatever where he takes a spill is not worth running the 499 times at his previous level. I can’t give exact numbers here.

    A special brace may help to some degree, but it’ll effect speed. If he plays, look for the brace.

    CGP has repeatedly stated that JR is not at full resolution. Knowing that, if you are CGP what option do you choose:

    1. Rehab another 6-12 months to see if full resolution will ever occur. It’s possible.
    2. Convert to a pure pocket passer, but is he our best pocket passer to be worth mostly eliminating the QB run game?
    3. Unleash him at the elevated risk of additional injuries.
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  5. I appreciate the info. Good stuff. I have to assume that JR has had that conversation in some form with the staff. I also just hope the staff is considering that JR at 95% is better than our other options.

    What is the non contact injury he’s at risk for?
  6. It’s not hard to regurgitate what’s been publicly stated many times already.

    Again, no ones saying McFroggin has been wrong. It’s the perpetual dog piling every time the subject comes up when most likely he doesn’t really know ship.
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  7. How could you possibly know that JR, even if he were 100%, is better than our other options? He’s barely played college football. The coaching staff is going to play the one that gives us the best chance to win, I’m pretty confident in that. I just hope they have some good options to choose from and a guy doesn’t win the job by default.
  8. I totally agree with this assessment of Pachall's running abilities, and I personally loved him, and even got to know his Dad at home games.

    If Pachall was truly a gifted dual threat QB he certainly never displayed that skill set while he was at TCU - maybe high school, but not in college.

    And again - I was a huge Pachall fan! He had a good arm, and I admired the courage and tenacity he summoned to ward off his personal demons.

    But a top ranked dual threat QB? He was nowhere near as effective running the ball as Andy Dalton - much less say Trevone Boykin or Kenny Hill!

    Just my .02...

    Go Frogs!
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  9. To end all speculation, I know what the plan is for the frog offense this season.

    There will be no QB. Reagor and Sewo (or DA) will be split in the backfield, ready for the Wild Frog. Defenses won't know who gets the ball. Then, one will step in and get the snap. When one gets the snap, the other can go out for a pass from the one who gets the snap, or he can just keep it and run.

    The genius is, there will be no other RBs or WRs. This allows 9, count 'em, 9 blockers.

    They'll never be able to stop it.

    End of Thread. You're welcome.
  10. Greater than the general population:

    More common but less worrisome is a sprained ankle.

    With a defective joint, injuries one joint in either direction are more at risk. This’ll include lower leg/foot fractures and knee injuries.
  11. Pachall pre-rehab was on pace to be something really special. Minimal speed laterally, but he had decent legs. I think he’d be in the NFL if substances hadn’t derailed his path.
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  12. This topic is such I giant kick in the nuts. I’m not sure there is one poster in this thread (myself included) who actually knows what the scheiss they’re talking about when it comes to the health and present abilities of any of our QBs or their potential to be our starter. And I’m not even sure some of you know your ass from a hole in the ground. The current odds favor Delton... the end.
  13. I'm confident of this.
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  14. Sounds like the single wing.
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. How many times have you stared at your [ Arschloch] in the mirror to adequately identify it?
  17. This is simply not true. Baldwin filed his appeal and is waiting to hear back. Further, he had a minor procedure to clean up scar tissue from the previous surgery. He knows the playbook, is throwing daily, and will be ready to go on Sept 1.
  18. I have no inside info., maybe you do, so there's that. 247 says he's a non-event this year because he will not participate in fall camp. If this is so, and I'm not saying it is, how could we expect him to compete beginning with the season opener when he didn't even participate this summer in 7 on 7 and no fall camp? You must be really high on him and hopefully in the spring he takes charge.
  19. And pretty much completely false. The parents say that the mitigation statement was filed July 1. Took a long time to file, but it's filed.
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  20. Baldwin a no-go for Fall camp.

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