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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. I did see it.  I just think that's an unhelpful choice of words, when no way in heck would we/ (you?) apply it to a Baylor player, or someone else we didn't like.  I personally think it's an excessive charge, and betting it will at some point get reduced.
    But let's not start the conversation with the context of "just a kid," which suggests entitlement to be held less-accountable than what the law contemplates.  It undercuts all the positive things we say frequently on this board, about how proud we are of "our young men."
    We don't minimize their accomplishments by saying they are "just kids," nor should we minimize their culpability when they do wrong by saying it.
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  2. Sam Adams Utopias
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    Sharen Wilson was sworn in on January 1, 2015, becoming the first female Criminal District Attorney in Tarrant County. She manages a $38 million budget and oversees a staff of 312, which includes 154 attorneys and 51 investigators.  A graduate of Texas Tech University School of Law, Wilson has worked on both sides of the docket.
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  5. I've heard the exact same thing.
  6. Probably a team of Baylor lawyers behind this. Kent Star and the PR firm are at work...
  7. I am not condoning anything that happened.  The best thing for Tuaua to have done was walk away.  However, that is a lot easier said than done, especially after the fact.  Alcohol, some name calling, a little testosterone and some male pride and its easy to see why you have an altercation.  Just don't see why this had to even involve the police.  From what I have heard, no one was really injured.   
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    The timing of it with the Tech game this week is interesting.....
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  9. At least tomorrow's press conference will be exciting! Speaking of which, listen to it live here on KillerFrogs at 12:30PM.
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  10. Beer was Keystone Light according to Twitter. LMAO.
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  11. Actual Sharon Wilson is an awful person who will be a one termer--and this had nothing to do with this case.  She has caused so much distention in the DA's office that all the good people are quitting, including investigators.  Heck she even shut down major crime labs and that is a first for a major metropolitan county. 
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  12. Pretty sure I have heard Gary call them kids on more than one occasion. I am sorry that you had a problem with my choice of words. Again, I don't condone what he did, but if it was another team with "minor injuries and stolen beer," I probably wouldn't go crazy about it and realize those things happen in college.
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  13. This should be interesting.   SEC has a long history of letting guys play again as long as there is no conviction... Even if it was caught on camera.
    NOT saying that is what should happen here... just interesting.
  14. Unfortunately, I think one of the victims WAS seriously hurt. I think that is the reason the police are following through on this. Heard victim was recovering from surgery at time of incident and further injured as a result?  
  15. Then his daddy is not a TCU fan....
    Yeah seriously. I'd like to see the laundry list of arrests other schools have too for comparison.
  17. I'm gonna assume this means no more football for Tuaua at TCU. That is the real crime here. 
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  18. I haven't heard that, but that makes the most sense. Seems overblown otherwise.
  19. Not sure that's fair. You don't choose TCU football over the well being of your kid.
  20. The article said minor injuries so.....

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