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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. Have you met this young man? I have and he's a nice kid. Unfortunately, he let his emotions get away from him when an imbecile called him the N word. Should he have controlled himself, most certainly, but he's a kid and they do dumb things sometimes.
  2. Pure conjecture here...
    So they get kicked out.... grab a case of beer on their way out... are confronted by other partygoers (who should've called the cops if it were that big a deal)... and they get in a scuffle trying to get the beer back... get their butts kicked....  Wait until the next day (after they run out of beer) THEN call the police.
    Football players should've avoided the situation entirely - yes... but felony seems a little harsh for something that I saw happen more than once while I was at TCU... it was just frat v frat... or the lacrosse team. lol
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    Really? Can you shed a little more? Like where they asked to leave by the kids that where beat up? Or was it some randoms on the street?
  4. Because they are legitimate. And we are big-time. 20 years ago it might have been a quick snipett or just relegated to the metro section of the startlegram.

    Price of being in the BIG city versus a watering hole, dump of a city, like Waco. Waco needs Baylor to be good to attract business, fake restaurants, fake hotels... FW already has all the real stuff. I'm okay with that.
  5. Doesn't matter if the Frat boy started up a David Duke rally, you don't assault someone for mouthing off. Period. As a senior and "leader" of the team he should have known better and if he wasn't involved in the fight I want to know what he did to try and stop the altercation (assuming the minor injuries were not due to an all out brawl).
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  6. Can't say more as that is all I know.
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    Well saying that anyone would cause a fight, taking the beer changed everything.
  8. Lawyers,
    Is this the city/DA going after Tuaua even if the victims decide not to press charges or is this a case of the victims pressing charges?
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. If Tuaua is charged with a felony, that is far from justice.
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  11. I agree they should be punished, taking the beer was dumb for sure, but like I said, I think all in all he is a good kid. Bad mistake on his part.
    I am guessing their parents hired layers to press charges and made sure they juiced it.
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  13. He'll, maybe their PR firm's "influence" with the media is deeper than imagined.
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  14. scheissing Frats.
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  15. This is truly bizarre.  
    I had a buddy get jumped in FW my senior year.  He got popped with a bottle over the head.  He was briefly hospitalized. Brawl ensued.  Injuries on both sides.
    Cops came out.  No arrests were made.  They simply don't waste their time on fights.  Investigating a stolen case of beer is truly absurd.  
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  16. He should have just hung out with Conner Beck that night seems he can get all the alcohol he needs and has a car.
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    I've tried for years to convince my son that it doesn't really matter what others have done before and gotten away with.  If he get involved in something similar, he should expect that he won't get away with it and will suffer max consequences.  That way you consider the full range of possibilities before acting.  But I am more risk averse than most and quite possibly more so than 100% of college students.
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  18. Probably need to ease up on the "he's just a kid," stuff.  Sounding like his defense lawyer.  He did a big-boy crime(allegedly), no different than if he had beat up a guy in the WalMart parking lot and stole his government cheese.
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  19. Frat boy's daddy is probably someone of importance
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  20. Let's wait for more facts. No need to hypothesize that these TCU students deserved to get beat up. The story will likely come out over time, then you can bash whoever.

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