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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. On second thought, I'm going to check them out further first. One of the names given me graduated 15 years ago.
    Don't want to pull an NBC5....
  2. Kirk on Sportscenter just backed Patterson. Basically said with Gary track record he has had a reputation of acting quickly with punishment.
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    And your records request would be rejected pursuant to Government Code 552.108 and upheld by the AG.  
    Seriously, why put their names out there?  You want these kids fearing for their safety so they won't cooperate with an investigation or something?  If they are truly victims, victimize them further like Baylor did?  Let the system do its job.  If they are lying, they will be exposed.
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  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but basically the entire student body knows who was involved correct? This happened a couple weeks ago so I would think word travels pretty fast between athletics and Greek life
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  6. I wouldn't be surprised if [[supposed fraternity of other parties to fight]] is blackballed for a while by IFC ane PHC
    if people believe it was provoked retaliation.
  7. They'd still have to release basic info, which would include a lot of what people are looking for (though not the victim's ID).
  8. SAE not Sigma Chi
    The other player's id maybe?  What else?
    Note to TCU frats in general.  If a football player shows up thirsty, give them a drink.  If they show up horny, bend over.
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  11. A detailed description of the assault.
  12. I was with ya until...
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  13. I don't think our guys are into that.
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  14. Save that for BYU
  15. From reading the comments section on a few articles covering the story, I think it's safe to say that it is absolutely no use trying to convince anyone of anything. Most people are going to come to their own conclusions about this no matter how hard one tries to convince them otherwise.
    Deep breaths all around.
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  16. At Baylor this goes for all, not just football players.
  17. broh, dis come from a real baylor fan bruh (me): "dis got to stop fam. we all bigIX in hear right now. lets git it and git goin fam! i know we can do dis bro!" 
    dats all i got fa now homie
  18. SAE's have a good reputation though. Usually cool, understanding guys who have no ill will or hatred towards others.
  19. Patterson said it was tore before Min game, so he has played and could have played through it. They were going evaluate risk/reward after game 3
  20. The theme of your post is submission. I get it.

    While I can't condone sodomy, I'm with you in spirit.
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