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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. Seriously. We just had what some would say, "sub-par" game against SMU. Lost another key player. I had a down/bad feeling going into tech. Then this [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ] comes out and I'm Reading some player tweets, about what a good guy MT is, getting pissed off at this whole thing, I think the frogs come to play this weekend and win this game for Mike!
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  2. I agree, and would never advocate violence of any kind towards these people or their property. However, I wouldn't mind if each of you google street the address (particularly the 2700 Lowden side), and those of you that live in Fort Worth file a complaint with FW Code Compliance. It might be harassment, but it's arrogant to buy a house in a neighborhood, and turn it over to students for a party house. When, you do that, not only are you disrespecting the neighbors, you are setting up circumstances that occurred on Labor Day weekend. Nothing would make the University happier than to see a For Sale sign in the front yard. It's no secret and hadn't been for years.
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  3. We circle wagons. Take the under. Take the Frogs minus.
  4. I heard that a lot of the players showed support for him today. I am thinking that there is more to this story than the media's spin. At any rate GP has his chip back and so do the players. I feel sorry for Tech. Well not really but it would be epic if we put more than 82 on them this year.
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    Is the address 2900 Merida Ave? That's been a party house forever. 
    Garage faces Lowden street and sometimes they drink on top of it. Always see them walking to games up that street. 
  6. That's the one....according to the arrest report. 
  7. I would throw out that some people like owning rental property in college areas. They can be a bit of a hassle since college kids aren't famous for taking care of their things and you have to re-lease relatively often, but you can charge good rent around campus and, with parents paying, you have to worry less about dealing with slow paying tenants and evictions. Snooping around on TCAD should point to the property owner.
  8. Lee Cook?
    I pull the property owner as an LLC.... then pulling the address of the LLC its a guy Matt McWilliams who lives in Dallas. 
    If it's 2900 Merida of course
    I thought the report just says 2900 block of Merida. But with it taking place on Merida and Lowden, 2900 Merida does make sense. 
    kappa sig house
  12. Yes I know this house all too well
  13. The roof, the roof
    The roof is on fire
    We don't no water let the $@ burn?
  14. Fail fail.
    If you read the original question and my reply to it (or maybe you did and are also posting as screetch) you will see it was concerning "guys who were allegedly beat up." You know, "complainants." And complainants, it typically goes, tend to be witnesses in such cases- hence, my (admittedly sloppy) conflating of those two things. And the response, attempting to "correct" me, while wrong, struck me as also kinda rude... And I have a tendency to respond in kind.
  15. Ranafea? Ugly frog? Darn off, troll.
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  16. 'Merida
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  17. Honey, can you please run down to the Douchersons? We need a cup of trashcan punch.
  18. Respond however you like. Just pointing out that witness names are protected.
  19. I vote to delete posts mentioning residents or owners names. Come on now, guys. Let's not act like CSI douchebags here.
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  20. You mean like shaggy?

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