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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Sep 21, 2015.

    So the frat should kick out members that were attacked by football players because you're pissed the football players got punished for assault and theft?  Really, that's your answer to all of it?  The precious little football players committed a crime, period.  Should the frat guys have let it slide?  That's up to each individual I guess, but to say the frat guys should be punished is ridiculous...oh no...TCU may have to go without a couple players that have been found (sorry, alleged) to be criminals.
  2. Only problem is, what if the fight ended up being mutual or the couple frat guys started it? We don't have all the facts yet.

    You say why would have got charged if that was the case? Frat called the police. The FB players got the best of them. And yes , they were big FB players and that had something to do with it.

    I trust GP's judgement on however this plays out.
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  3. Arrest warrant references 30-pack of stones...
  4. Thanks Perry Mason.
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    Yep everyone is on the side of the player not the victim. Just sayin.
    And of course that's the only part of the post someone leeches on to cry more. Fine take that part out. Stop attacking other was my point
    Initiated the attack. Professors, coaches, players and anyone not in that frat are on the players side. Sorry their story is (El Toro Waste), my guess is I know more about it than you.
    FWPD went off solely based on the what they said (which in fact was [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ])- Now that it actually takes people with intelligence to review the case, (even a Tech DA is better than FWPD) the facts will come out. But in the end, they will never be punished for lying and frankly they should be.
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  8. Precious little football players??? LMAO. Nothing more "precious" on the TCU campus than an entitled frat brat. And I'm not calling out ALL frat guys, there were/are plenty of good dudes on our campus in frats.
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  9. Okay I have seen sigma chi, sae and now kappa sig as the fraternity.

    Which one is it??
  10. Just curious...why does everyone think they're in a fraternity?
  11. You sound like a poose. I was in a scuff outside Angelo's when I was in school with some clowns from a different fraternity. We were outnumbered and wearing pledge meeting cloths (nice shirt, tie, nice slacks, expensive loafers...). Everything was trashed. Never once thought of calling the cops or calling daddy and pressing charges.

    We went back to the Delt House, Drank some more beer, told the story and laughed our asses off despite getting our donkey's kicked. We left our share of marks.
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  12. Can't imagine any of those not welcoming athletes. Also can't imagine any of those not being able to attract some chicks to the party. Is there a LGST fraternity? Maybe Lambda Chi?
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  13. They're all guilty dude. Because all frats are racist.

    Just ask Steel. He talked to Science. It's confirmed.
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  14. Didn't the news report there was video of the incident? I would assume that would go a long way in corroborating either side's account of what happened.
  15. Heard when the frat boys shirt was torn off his body, a freshly shaved chest was revealed. The officer reported that it looked to be a #2 trim!
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  16. Somewhat juicy on a natl' level if so but I digress.  
  17. All 3 of those are [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]
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  18. Were you a Fiji?
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  19. It was left out of the police report that MT was very confused about the trimming of hair and felt sorry for the little frat boy!

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