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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. Because nobody calls the cops over this. Thus, life moves on.
  2. Patterson said something about Tuaua having a partially torn ligament in his press conference today.  Inferring that he will ask for and get a medical redshirt... it means that he'll be back here next year... but wouldn't have been punished?  So he has not played because he's injured, not because he's being punished?  It means that he could get a red-shirt and then have to serve a suspension (if any) the first few games of next year?  Convoluted as hell.
  3. I don't know exactly how it works, but could you get those suspension games in this year so he could be available fully next year?
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  5. He was saying that Tuaua MIGHT do a medical year. It will be up to the player. His injury is such that if this incident had not happened, he would have to decide whether to play through it (a partial ligament tear) or have surgery and be shut down for the season. As it is now, because he hasn't played since Minny, he can redshirt the year, or in theory, play if he is cleared by the school to play.
  6. Uh I need to grow up.
  7. It's overrated. You be you.
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  8. I got a question - here in Houston, victims of assault are typically not redacted in criminal documents unless they are under the age of 18 or unless they are victims of sexual assault.
    Why are the names of those who were allegedly beaten up by Tuaua and APW redacted?  Does each county have different rules?
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  9. Why grow up when you can be immature forever? !!!

    Erryone likes the sauce from time to time, westsider.
    Wasn't by chance a goalie?  ....or a really tall blonde midfielder?
    if yer talking early to mid 90s.  (fwiw - one was a great guy, the other...)
  11. [​IMG]
    These guys don't find your thought funny at all.
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  12. Good question
    Was there some under age drinking at the party?
    Not at all, I think it's great!  I'm more than happy to take down a bottle of scotch or bourbon tonight if it'll make you feel better.
    Probably for their protection.  I mean, why would anybody want to know their names ?
  16. I assume that's the reason.  I was just curious if this is normal for Tarrant County or if this was a special instance provided for by the DA/FWPD due to the persona of the alleged aggressor.
  17. My son is a student. I have their names. I'll let Wes or Scott advise as to if they want me to put them on here. I have no problem doing so.
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  18. No good reason. Common practice in sex assault, or cases involving minors, neither of which is this. Kinda fits the conspiracy theory floating around that there is some undue influence being applied here.

    Should be fair game for PIA request.
  19. I do not know in details the legality of it. But simply in my opinion, redact everything that is not explicitly needed.

    Edit - as a matter of good technique in general is what I'm saying. You know, the whole "if it's released and someone hurts somebody" etc.

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