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  1. Just lame humor. trynna keep it realz
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  2. Did you guys really go to college?
  3. baylor mom's were too drunk to go to college
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. I'm glad your recognize the line … or that post sits lost forever. Kinda like Art Briles' daughter.
  6. What possible penalty could the NCAA impose upon Baylor that could justify

    the loathsome transgressions that have so blatantly occurred at that Sodom

    and Gomorrah on the Brazos?
  7. seems like rape u's backup qb got arrested recently. make sure to do a wellness check on your cats...
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  8. I believe the penalty is fire and brimstone. I’d advise not looking back when the punishment comes, however.
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  9. [​IMG]
  10. I'd probably end up like Lot's wife. Not because I was concerned about what was going down, but because I'd want to unfurl a lawn chair on the top of a distant hill, crack open a cold beer, and watch until the last embers expired.
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  11. and as Woody said on Cheers, "I learned that the hard way."
  12. it's Monday. [Baylor asshoe] from an undisclosed location
  13. Wow! I bet they get some great names relate to CAB.

  14. They are just catching up with TCU which did this many years ago for its season tickets holders. It might have been in the early 2000’s. Still have mine.
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  15. At A&M they just send them as is...
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  16. Infamous doesn’t mean more famous, it means known for something negative. One out of two, still batting.500 though...

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  17. Which is worse...

    Covid19 or Baylor
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  18. Yes, Dec.7, 1941, is a day that is more famous than any other.... (6/10 Sarcasmatronic reading)

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