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  1. All of Baylor should self-quarantine for eternity.
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  2. TSA agents?
    Oh [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ].
  3. Assuming these players opted for the more aggressive pat-down.
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  4. So, since Baylor never lost a game in the post-season and never lost a tourney game this year, will the hang a banner claiming a national championship?
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  5. Other than from rape and murder, Baylor’s highest priority is to protect their student athletes.
  6. Except women’s soccer players.
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  7. Unfortunate that I won’t be able to see the Baylor tears when they are the first one seed eliminated possibly by the 8/9 seed
  8. I wonder if their "suspended" players will be suspended during the games not played?
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  9. Wow! Double suspension!

    I thought that happened only on this forum!
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  10. ...double secret proba...never mind.
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  11. scheiss the virus and BAYLOR. Pretty much the same thing.
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  12. You know since the NCAA doesn't have to run a basketball tournament, they should go ahead and announce the Baylor penalties. I mean what else do they have to do?
  13. well, seems people can survive the virus. folks who go through baylor seem mentally damaged for life.
  14. They can do that while working from home....
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  15. That dude looks like a virus. And about as intelligent as one.
  16. You know Waco might be the place to be during this Coronavirus Pandemic. I mean what self respecting virus would be caught dead in a place like that?
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  17. Something the whole country could rally around in these trying times. Republicans and democrats literally reaching across the aisle to high-5 Baylor finally being punished for their heinous crimes.

    A true nationwide spirit lifter
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  18. If I'm being honest I thought his answer was hysterical. He was clearly being sarcastic.
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