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  1. Is Baylor Honorary alumni Bill Cosby both famous and infamous?
  2. still have mine too. Hanging in our upstairs media room.
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  3. Trick question. Both are plagues.
  4. Baylor is mostly confined to Waco. Sadly some viruses escape.
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  5. Only solution is to burn the whole thing down.
  6. Dumb question. Baylor.
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  7. Baylor wasn’t asshoe

    Baylor hired asshoe art briles

    Now Baylor asshoe
  8. Baylor was definitely asshoe before Briles.
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  9. When was Baylor NOT asshoe?
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  10. -RAPE-
    number does not matter
  11. Wait—baylor has a police department?
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  13. Key word is debt.
    As I recall, they are neck deep in it.
    Deep has the details but.....you’ll need 2 blue books.
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  14. Settlements couldn’t have helped their financial situation
  15. The People's Liberation Army of Baylor
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  16. Yup...debt can kill you! Baylor has lots...that giant Toilet on the Brazos is a bad setup.

    Wait until it starts shifting on that fill dirt.:oops:
  17. You're saying "shift happens?"
  18. So does anyone on this educated board know exactly (or approximately) how much debt we are carrying for all the building we've done lately?
  19. [​IMG]
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