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  1. #Bayloring
  2. Yea, but Baylor.
  3. Alo ept...
  4. Baylor sucks ass.
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  6. Oh how I would have liked to watch them lose in the 2nd round
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  7. "And what do we have for the winner, Johnny?....their choice of a 'Get-Away Weekend' in either Waco or Wuhan"
  8. Canny response....
  9. It's Monday … from an undisclosed location … and baylor sucks.
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  10. Ya'll are implying that a prefix changes the meaning of a word. But trust me flammable and inflammable are the same!
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  11. Are you on the run?
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  12. Inflammable means more than flammable. Kind of like infamous means more than famous.
  13. It may have other meanings but still.... if you light a match, wooosh

    if incombustible is the opposite of combustible, one would think....

    oh, and Baylor sucks!
  14. English is a dumb language.
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  15. It either flams or it doesn’t.
  16. Is there a story here?
  17. Picked up a truck load of toilet paper and rum. Don't plan to resurface until it's gone.
  18. I like your style.
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