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  1. brazos crap camp has always had more than typical funding challenges. Back in the 90's I was shocked at how much stronger our endowment situation was compared to crap camp's.
    And they went monster debt load starting in about 1998 due to some decisions. I think it was 99 when they had to fire a prof for assault allegations on a student on some trip. I'm sure that cost them. Then the stuff over the past decade. And they have not always had big time donors willing to give the amounts that we see in Fort Worth.
  2. Supposedly an anonymous donor recently pledged the largest donation ever to Baylor it was in the range of 100-150 million dollars. Too lazy to look it up. Maybe it was Harvey Weinstein, birds of a feather.
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  3. I re-watched The Big Short a few weeks ago, so I know that those ratings are often garbage.
  4. obviously we have one more letter and one more electron while baylor has lost an electron

    aa is higher rated than single a, but in the grand scheme of things not a great deal

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  5. As of January 30, 2020 total bond debt was $753,319,000. On May 15, 2015 it was $519,845,000. I have to assume most of this increase was for construction activity.
  6. Paging Deep Purple....Deep Purple line 1........
  7. Gotta use the bat signal
    @Deep Purple
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  8. I thought it was
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  9. Wrong again. It's @#Deep_Purple.
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  10. I’m not sure I remember it well enough to give an opinion. I think I may need to have Margot Robbie in the bathtub explain it to me. BRB
  11. Just play some Smoke on the Water twice and he will ... appear.
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  13. When NCAA/B12 income with probation exceeds NCAA/B12 income with no probation.
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  14. When Baylor does get probation, will the amount being withheld from their check increase? To, say, 50%?

    I guess that would come from the conference and not the NCAA.

    Money is the only way to get their attention outside of suspending play or ejection from the conference ( my personal favorite).
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  15. I doubt the NCAA will do anything of substance to Baylor.
  16. That's substance abuse.
  17. This stupid ass pandemic almost let #Baylortears make it to page 3.

    Not on my watch.
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  18. upload_2020-5-1_11-3-41.gif
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