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  1. Do they still deny them food and water?
  2. I finally had a chance to finish watching the Baylor game while the little ones took a nap. On the last Baylor play, Mimms threw his mouthpiece at the ref after not getting a flag. I had to watch several times to make sure I saw it right. Should have been an unsportsmanlike penalty.
  3. The Matt Rhule Coaches Show from Rudy’s BBQ in Waco might be the most pathetic thing I’ve seen on TV. The place is less than half full. On FSSW now. Rhule looks embarrassed to be there, and he should be.
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  4. More sissy sauce
  5. Was the Pappadeaux already booked?
  6. Yes, so was the Hilton.
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  7. Don’t know why they didn’t just book the overflow at the Omni.
  8. Nothing garners my interest in a particular university where I will spend 4-5 years of my young adult life quite like the possibility that an Omni hotel might be coming to town.
  9. Not even cookies and milk?
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  10. Hey baylor, ead. Congrats on finishing lower in the conference again.
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  12. Baylor

    Where the women are women and the men are too!
  13. He probably was a kicker on the team and played tuba in the Marching Band.
  14. More likely the skin flute.
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  15. Wow, doosh move. Can't expect much more from that school. They can't help but trip over their own ding dongs down there. It's unreal, like they TRY to screw up every chance they get.
  16. happy post season. darn baylol
  17. LOL, get this back on track!

    Edit. Just realized most Baylor dorks won't realize what a dig this is.

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  18. This is actually the only school I can think of who would/could hire Briles
  19. Baylor fans saying Mandel's tweet proves Briles is innocent.

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