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  1. lmao
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  2. The NCAA one-year show cause penalty against Liberty's 2018 convocation speaker Hugh Freeze expired two days ago.

    I wish all the best to Turner Gill and admire his commitment to his family. I hope the public story about Liberty planning to extend his contract is true. But when McCaw introduces Freeze in a week or two...
  3. I watched the convocation video, and the whole thing looked/sounded like path-clearing for a Freeze hire. His pastor spoke on his behalf, his wife said he was the godliest person she knew, and his private confession to wife and accountability partners before the incident went public was mentioned multiple times. Falwell Jr. wrapped up by speaking about not casting the first stone. McCaw was nowhere to be seen, but he may as well have been pulling the strings from behind the stage.

    This isn't a Liberty Tears thread, so I'll conclude with "Go Vandy--anchor down!"
  4. “Anchor down” is now a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty, per the Big 12.
  5. Freeze was out coached so badly in our Peach bowl I can’t imagine him being successful without cheating.
  6. The look on his face during the halftime interview is my favorite part of that broadcast.
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  7. Didn't he tell the sideline reporter that he had his team prepared, "But not for this!"
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  8. And let the excuses start
  9. Four seniors on Baylor's football squad have reported they will skip the bowl game to prepare for the NFL draft?
  10. So thankful we don’t have any of our good players hurt.
  11. Those drinks aren’t gonna serve themselves.
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  12. Literally Baylor Tears
  13. Yes, sadly had a leg day planned the day of the bowl game.
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  14. One skips leg day, one orders extra legs at Hooters.

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    Jesus. Baylor as an entire institution needs to cease to exist. Came across this reading the news.

    Dr. Death Is the Scariest Podcast of the Year

    Duntsch didn't just make it through medical school and residency without anyone realizing (himself included) that he was completely incompetent. In 2011 he received admitting privileges at Baylor University Medical Center, where he operated on more than 30 patients in just under a year, causing scores of injuries. His last patient, Kellie Martin, suffered massive blood loss during a routine surgery, woke up screaming in pain, then died in the ICU. Instead of firing Duntsch, Baylor asked for his resignation, gave him a recommendation letter falsely saying there had been “no restrictions or suspensions” on his admitting privileges, and never reported him to the Texas Medical Board. It reportedly saved Baylor from a ton paperwork and the possibility of a lawsuit if Duntsch had trouble finding a new job.”
  16. Not sure if serious. You know Baylor medical isn’t related to Baylor in Waco, right?
  17. Of course....but don’t let that stop a little guilt by name association, c’mon man! Plus that podcast looks interesting as hell. It’s actually associated with the Aggies I believe, which also works in regards to an institution that should cease to exist.
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  18. This is, without a doubt, the most "obsessed" thread ever written coming from one school about another. Frogs don't like to admit it, but it sure looks like Baylor is your #1 rival. You don't think so, but UT & Tech don't care about either of us.

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