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  1. ...says the Baylor fan posting on a TCU site during the off-season.
  2. Knee pads DAMMIT!
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  3. The one on the right was the guy who was going to “revolutionize” the tight end position, correct?
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  4. It's not off season yet. They still have Texas Bowl practices left to use for stealing our recruits.
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  5. Yep. He was wearing knee pads, which revolutionized the position. Until recently I had no idea that's what Briles meant. Makes sense now.
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  6. You must not have see the aggy thread on SurlyHorns.
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  7. That revolutionary TE still alive?
  8. Still working on it. You know how long it took Edison to invent the telephone?
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  9. man, that school really sucks

  10. I need more media members to make the Baylor AD connection
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  11. Les3 really lands a haymaker here in year 4/page 1751. I bet it’s kinda [ steaming pile of Orgeron ]ty to realize that you’ve had players on your campus for the entire time this thread has existed that have never beaten TCU.
  12. Somebody tag Clay Travis with a tweet about that connection. Problem solved.
  13. Can’t debate facts. TCU has won 4 straight. I just hope we are on the right track.
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  14. Look buddy, if you’re gonna come over here and be all reasonable then this isn’t gonna be any fun at all.
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  15. I don’t flame ( too old for that). I like to read and view other sites. Frankly, I have read this site the most. Am I obsessed with TCU...no. But, being that you are a smaller private school just like we are, I like seeing you guys succeed.

    I realize some of you can’t stand Baylor...that’s fine. I get it.
  16. As long as your players aren't raping and pillaging with admin and coaches covering it up you're on the right track.
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  17. Well that is until the NCAA levels their penalties.
  18. Covering up anything disgusts me, let alone the act itself.
  19. This is a set up.

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