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Bama and TCU in talks to replace their California opponents in week 1 if needed

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Shorty, May 12, 2020.

  1. JerryWorld would be selling the tickets. It is their liability insurance carrier that would be doing the wording.

    Past that, how does one provide a completely safe and secure environment free from any and all potential hazards?
  2. Kids don't get the virus. The people who are getting sick with it are older. The people who are dying of it are very old. Aside from those small facts, the chances of actually contracting the virus, even in the latter two groups, are not all that great.

    Cowering indoors, fearful of everything is no way to live life.
  3. you would be wrong. Gary is not a Sabin type at all. Most likely wanted to get out of his office and walk. A little me time. Gary is very approachable. Just don't fill the air with dumb questions, he gets enough of that from the media. BTW hiring Jerry Kill is turning to be a stroke of genius.
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  4. Absolutely no idea. That's why I chose not to speculate in my original post.

    I would be absolutely stunned if they didn't have the show in some way, shape or form, and it didn't focus heavily on that game...
  5. That's the thing that gets me. So many parents are worried that their young kids will get it if they go back to school. I mean, you wouldn't believe how many people I've run into who are most concerned about that. COVID doesn't affect young kids except in the smallest of smallest numbers. There are about 100 things parents should be more worried about when it comes to their kids than COVID.
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  6. Was he gloved and masked? Gotta be healthy in case Bama comes callin'....
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  7. How so? Not taking exception so your statement, just curious and hopeful!
  8. There are signs in that parking lot that clearly indicate which businesses you must visit in exchange for using one of their parking spots. I am extremely disappointed in this callous breaking of societal rules.
  9. Yellow Mini Cooper
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  10. It would be a good payout. But our guys who have not started as much … how will they match up with Bama's? Honestly, I rather give our guys a tune up game. Kick the [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] out of a directional. Keep our guys amped up for the next one.

    I'm guessing by some point in June, the cali governor starts to relax restrictions. a lot of what he is pushing for the future just seems to be political vamping. They just had a seat flip. So it will start to wake some folks up and he will get pressure.

    Look, I don't want to downplay this virus, but it just seems reversed to keep the healthy home. We are way past the point where any shutdown can do what many claim. You have to do that early on to really be preventative.

    I think people will learn to live with this virus by then. And no way that governor lets those schools tank. I think we see that the games with cali schools will be played.
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  11. KIA Sorrento.
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  12. wrong thread
  13. He borrowed Cumbie's Prius.
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  14. I imagine he didn't want to deal with the beating of having to hope for a spot along the front of that strip of stores and then circle back around and probably catch the light at Berry/Univ. Instead, just turn in before McDonald's. Park at Potbelly. Get back to your vehicle and take an easy right at the light. Genius. That's why he makes the big bucks.
  15. He was actually on Dick's Vespa.
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  16. If this happens, I just hope everyone stays healthy and Duggan doesn't have a Robinson-tOSU type of game.
  17. Evidently, somebody swiped the last Suzuki Samurai from the motor pool...
  18. I was kidding.
  19. You are who you keep company with...Want to be thought of as a premier program we need to be on the screen with as many of them as possible every year. SEC is full of [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] programs who get the benefit of doubt by association. We need to associate ourselves with more big time programs. The B12 has OU/TX and a bunch of programs that have the same profile issues we have. Id much rather play a blueblood every year out of conference even if we pile up the losses. To me it’s an investment in our business model that will eventually pay off in recruiting wins, bank acct, and more
    B12 consistency.
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  20. Or you become an "FCS" caliber school, that get's put on the schedule as a warmup without hurting strength of schedule... Please see BYU, Vandy, and most ACC schools for examples.

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