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Bama and TCU in talks to replace their California opponents in week 1 if needed

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Shorty, May 12, 2020.

  1. I would think the payout for this game would be important for TCU Athletics after the Corona virus.

    Jerry is also thinking about how many tickets he won't sell post Corona virus if fans in California have to get on a plane and come to Arlington. My guess is that it will be 40% TCU fans, maybe more, 60% Bama. Let's do this! We beat Clemson at Clemson. Anything can happen.
  2. Per Abbot you're technically supposed to quarantine for 14 days if you currently travel from somewhere like California.
  3. Because of the little-known Covid Clause Jacob Shallus threw in at the end of the Constitution.
  4. I imagine the phone lines between Fort Worth and Tuscaloosa are burning. Probably the ones to Arlington as well.

    The issue of Cali continuing their "lockdown" far beyond the point of reason will not be popular, and the tyrant Newsome may well reconsider in the coming weeks. I would imagine the idea of roughly half the PAC not playing football will have many otherwise un-engaged people screaming their lungs (provided the Chinese virus hasn't eaten them) out. It would also bring up the likely dissolution of the PAC.
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  5. Unfortunately I don’t think there will any tickets sold for this game or any game in 2020.
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  6. Volare, it might be necessary to start over with the season prediction thread if this comes to fruition.
  7. Not anymore. I went to Lake Charles to pick up a bunch of Yuenglings the day he removed rhe restrictions.
  8. Are they gonna be free?
  9. Yes, but parking will be $200...
  10. [​IMG]
  11. How is the Pac-12's money going to look after the 2020-2021 season if they chop at least 3 football games each per program including the potential of the Jerry World payout going to Fort Worth now and TCU saving travel money going to Cal Berkeley?

    Payout for the TCU vs LSU and Ohio State games were around $5 million each per team. I see this Bama Vs TCU game happening and a lot of people watching similar to the ratings the NFL Draft got.
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  12. You could be right about this having an effect on PAC Membership. Big 12 gets to 14 with Arizona schools Colorado and Utah.
  13. Divisions and a Championship Game, all tied up, gift-wrapped, with a bow on top.
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  14. More along the lines of no fans at games. I really hope I am wrong.
  15. Paywall, but Andy Staples had an article on this back in early March.


    Staples: Now’s the time, Big 12, to go after the Pac-12’s biggest and best

    By Andy Staples Mar 4, 2020 [​IMG] 406 [​IMG]
    The people in charge have changed. The landscape has changed. But two interviews given in the past week by USC’s athletic director have made one thing abundantly clear. If the Big 12 wants to pull a Count of Monte Cristo and gut the league that tried to sentence it to college sports purgatory 10 years ago, it’s going to have the chance.

    And given the opportunity, it absolutely should do it.

    Last week, Ryan Abraham of 247Sports asked new USC AD Mike Bohn during a podcast interview whether the Trojans would be willing to consider independence or joining another conference. “I think right now, and (Pac-12 commissioner) Larry (Scott) would agree with this, everything’s on the table,” Bohn replied.

    Spoiler alert: Larry absolutely would not agree with this.

    Dennis Dodd of CBSSports.com then called Bohn and asked him to clarify. Bohn said that USC is “aligned” with the Pac-12. He also said this:

    “There’s no talk of (leaving), but guess what? If it was on the table, we would certainly explore that. But I’ve got to be careful. The league is really tender.
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  16. Make it happen.
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  17. Don't care what the price of tickets are

    IF they tell me to wear a mask I'm OUT!!!
  18. To get to go to a TCU-Alabama game in Arlington, I would wear a mask, gloves, and a face shield if they required it.
  19. Wait,

    There’s more than one running to Tuscaloosa??
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  20. Let's do this game! Gary may win here with Alabama breaking in a new quarterback on such a big stage. I remember us playing BYU there at Jerry's World as a last minute fill in game years back. The moment was too big for them and we were up on them by at least 2 touchdowns before they knew what hit them.
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