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Bama and TCU in talks to replace their California opponents in week 1 if needed

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Shorty, May 12, 2020.

  1. last time i will say it, but they have an offensive identity, four returning offensive linemen (3 of which are 5th year seniors), an experienced running back, two experienced receivers who will be high draft picks, and a quarterback who beat michigan last year in the bowl game.

    that new starting quarterback has played in 26 games, started 4, threw for 1,500+ yards, and had a 14-3 td:int ratio.

    the frogs solid defense gave up over 8 yards a rush to ou and have to replace their best defensive linemen and had the worst pass rush in gary's tenure at tcu. the frogs couldn't stop baylor or west virginia at the end of their games because the frogs had no pass rush.

    frogs willing to play it more power too them, but if you think for one minutes bama is starting over on offense, tcu has the upper hand along the line of scrimmage, or this is any way close to the 15th ranked tcu going to clemson you might be surprised next fall if this game gets played
  2. I want the game because I think these big stage games lead to better recruiting and increased profile for the program. Certainly not because we match up well.
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  3. Would love this and as others have stated would immediately get the players focused with Bama looming large. And even if we lose, I’d rather lose to Bama than lose to SMU.
  4. That Clemson team was not the Clemson of these past few years. At all.
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  5. Bama isn't replacing SMU, they're replacing CAL... and if we don't see some major changes after this off season, we might lose to Bama and SMU (again).
  6. What do you mean, they had CJ Spiller.
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  7. It all boils down to this: You can't beat 'em if you don't play 'em.
  8. FIFY
  9. TCU swept Alabama in three games in the 1950’s. Then Alabama returned the favor sweeping TCU in two games in the 70’s. The Frogs currently have a 3-2 edge on Bama.
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  10. With the upcoming talent the Frogs will be serious contenders to win the Big 12 in 2021 and 2022. The youngsters may be overwhelmed by a team like Bama next year but I’d still take the game. It would motivate them and Gary is good at keeping things close. Who knows they may surprise us all and be a 10 win type team next year? But I’d much rather play this game in 21-22 seasons
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  11. Im just hoping for bowl eligibility. Our QB situation is a [ clusterfarg ].
  12. That was a 5 loss Clemson team..
  13. We could have beat OSU a few years back, Take away all those TOs and we probably win that game. Our guys were pumped and played one of their best games of the year. I am not sure we would be Bama but I don't think they would embarrass us either, our team can play when they want too and a win or even a close loss would give us a lot of momentum. We use to love to play up and a lot of teams have taken a close loss in the beginning of the season and made it into the play offs. If Oregon didn't drop a game to ASU they would have been in last year, even with a close loss to Auburn the first game of the year.
  14. Doesn't Grambling or Wofford have an open date?
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  15. BYU also being mentioned as a possibility
  16. Kinda ignores the fact that we were 29th in total offense in 2017 and finished with a top ten ranking with Kenny at QB.
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  17. I'd definitely show up for a game against Bama I just don't see how they don't grind us into the dirt give the youth on this team and who we lost to graduation.

    By the way what is our record in Jerry's World?
  18. I see some mentioning TCU and N. Dakota State who had a game scheduled with Oregon. Yuk.
  19. I actually think we were 45th at 419. Yards Game but your point is true

    I was never a KH fan but he had a really efficient 2017. To put into perspective how good it was, if you would have combined his 2017 passing efficiency with the 2019 running game, we would have likely easily won a B12 title this year. He had 28TDs and only 8 ints and the passing game rating was 151.00 for 15th in the country
  20. That was a decent crowd. One of our better turnouts for Jerry World. IIRC the tix were actually part of the season ticket package and the pricing was a bit more reasonable.

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