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Bama and TCU in talks to replace their California opponents in week 1 if needed

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Shorty, May 12, 2020.

  1. A buddy had one of those in high school. I was amazed at how well it held up when we took it off roading. Not that it held up long term, but it made it a couple of months. In fairness, not many vehicles hold up well when you have teens make it go briefly airborne.
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    If you think we don’t have the perception now from the BlueBloods then you are living your life pre B12. Again,every B12 school not named OU/UT has that perception.
  3. lol, that’s true. After his speech to the alumni at the Houston Bowl he got right behind me in the buffet line. I’m like, “dude you can cut, you won.”
  5. Elaborate please. Seems a bit early to know that unless the measuring stick is GPs happiness
  6. Kia Sol
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  7. There's a difference between protecting and providing a safe environment free of all risks, and doing some from all known and preventable risks. I can tell you from a 1st person perspective that the insurance companies are telling their business clients that at this point they have to assume they are liable for providing reasonable accommodations and measures to prevent the spread of COVID and that if they don't they will have liability and it WON'T be insurable outside of pandemic specific insurance which, as you might assume, is effectively unavailable today and infinitely expensive if it is.
  8. Just wanted to do you a favor while you fight the good fight.

    Kids do get the virus and spread the virus. They are just highly unlikely to have symptoms or complications. Also, the chances of contracting the virus are plenty great. It spreads very easily, even if the LARGE majority of the population may not feel any impact. That's how it has spread to this point.
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  10. Please don't use the words Jerry Kill and stroke together.
  11. I think we received respect until the last few years. The downward spiral of our perception wasn't until Kenny Hill and Cumbie started running the offense. We had a great run in '16, but between Robinson and Cumbie we dug a deeper hole. I'm sure none of us would like to stay there, and being in the position you described, we'd stay there.
  12. Probably going to Vic’s office in Sadler for a power lunch to work out the details.
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  13. I understand your point. I guess I just don't believe that playing one more high profile blueblood game every year is enough to sink us to level of perennial loser. Outside of OU, and even in these last 2 down years, there isn't a single team on our schedule that has consistently beaten us down or outclassed us. Don't think that playing Bama or anyone else moves us from "up & down" B12 team to "always down" B12 team. We have been anything but consistently good since joining the B12 and playing CAL/Purdue every year vs Bama/Clemson won't change that.
  14. Would you rather lose to a blueblood every year or get a possible win over a mediocre P5? You might get lucky and beat the blueblood on a down year or surprise them (see OU '05). Winning games promotes a winning perception, even if you lose to a blueblood, you still lost and if that is the only game you lose, you will have to get over that loss. It would be harder to get to the playoffs if you have to explain why you already lost to the team you're about to play.

    For the fans, I think playing Bama/Clemson is a great game and gives us something to look forward to. However, I would rather play them in a bowl game than play them in out of conference play. The Bama's of the world don't care about playing a tough out of conference schedule, they want the wins to guarantee the playoffs. Play to lose and that's what you're gonna do, pave the road to win and perpetuate the attitude throughout the season. Look at how the loss to tOSU derailed that season.
  15. I want to play Bama right out of the gate first game of the year with our known entity of a solid defense and their unknown offensive identity of a new starting quarterback playing in our backyard on a big stage on national TV with probably College GameDay in the mix. I'll take our chances. Run the ball, cause turnovers, throw off of play action. Frogs just may win that game.

    TCU should pull the trigger on this game. Frog fans will be there and they'll pocket at least $5 million bucks. Good luck getting that kind of money out of most non New Years Bowl games.

    Another huge plus in my mind is that the kids on our TCU team will be training like mad men getting ready for the season once they know they have Bama right out of the gate. That's a big plus for me for conference play.
  16. Im not sure those two outcomes are the only options but if I have to pick from those, Yah I’ll take an opening game loss to a national power. We just disagree. Ohio St didn’t derail our season...TCU derailed it themselves
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    The payout is the best part of this possible game.
  18. I dont think you’re giving their returning offense enough credit. Their starting QB, Mac Jones threw for 1,500 yards and 14 TDs in 4 starts last year. Their leading WR, Devonta Smith, is returning and Jaylon Waddle is a stud. They also bring back their star RB Najee Harris.
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  19. You're assumption sir is that we are going to lose. Wrong!
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  20. Look here.... Clemson had CJ Spiller who went on to be the starting running back for the Buffalo Bills... Gary found a way to beat Clemson at their place in a driving rain storm... Fear The Frog and let's schedule Bama.
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