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Bama and TCU in talks to replace their California opponents in week 1 if needed

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Shorty, May 12, 2020.

  1. I was no fan of KH and I won't hide that fact. However, I can admit he did considerably better in '17, but '16 was beating. And regardless of the season, his decision making and throws always seemed a nut hair away from being either intercepted or tackled behind the LOS.
  2. The distance between failure and greatness is often measured in nut hairs.
  3. you measure nut hairs?
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  4. Clemson hasn't lost 5 total in the last 3 years.
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  5. It was up against Game 7 of the World Series that year. I couldn't even sell my tix on Stubhub for $10. Ended up giving them away. Plus, it was a Friday night.
  6. +4
  7. The 1950s Alabama was not the 2000s Alabama....
    The 1950s TCU was not the 1970s TCU....
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  8. And 2020s TCU is not the 2020s Alabama...
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  9. The game will be played this year, right?
  10. I knew Jack Kennedy, and you’re no Jack Kennedy.
    -Abraham Lincoln (I think)
  11. At least our guys will get to stay awake all night in their own beds the night before the game.. Truth told, our guys will probably sleep just fine and it is us fans who won't be able to sleep.. This year, even Alabama will be adjusting to unknown and unfamiliar non-routine preparation..

    I feel Gary and Jerry Kill could keep this close and maybe win it like we could've against OSU in '18.. Max is a smarter guy than Robinson was and probably won't turn it over multiple times like what happened then..
  12. Lincoln - overrated President. Have I been over that yet?
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  13. Racist
  14. He killed Vampires. What else do you need to know?
  15. Legitimately asking: don't we stay in a hotel the night before home games?
  16. Yes, Mr. Booth.
  17. Golly, how could byu have an open date? I thought their independence guaranteed them a schedule filled with quality P5 opponents?
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  18. Yes, usually downtown
  19. No finer place for sure.
  20. You can forget all your troubles
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