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Baldwin to transfer to TCU

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, May 7, 2019.

  1. Yep - there are very few slam dunks, especially at QB. I think I read that 17 of the top 25 QBs from class of 2017 have already transferred.
  2. I mean these guys are pretty stupid in a lot of cases. Justin Fields committed to Georgia when Jake Fromm was coming off a great freshman year. What was he thinking? He could have committed to 90% of Power 5 schools and had a decent shot of starting within a year, but he chose a "blue blood" with an entrenched young QB.
  3. 1) i am better than the current guy because i have been better than every other quarterback on every other team in my life so i will simply beat him out for the postion

    2) the assistant coach who has been recruiting me for the past (insert the appropriate time frame) is really cool and all the coaches have told me they think i can beat at the starter, that i am the missing piece to land the dawgs another national title, and with as honest as the staff has been with me throughout the process i know i will get a fair shot despite what those other schools are telling me.

    3) i had the best sex of my life on my recruiting trip and i will be doing that every day when i am in athens.....

    4) i am 18 so i really don't think much beyond the first 3.........
  4. Rogers isn't ready. Baldwin would not have transferred to TCU if the TCU coaches believed they already had their QB for the upcoming season. Baldwin had his pick of schools to transfer to. Coaches across the nation were blowing up his HS coach's phone starting in January. He chose TCU for a few reasons: its closer to home and he believes he will be given a fair shot at winning the job. No promises were made other than a full and fair competition for the job. And that's all Baldwin has ever asked for.
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  5. Given 3, impressed by any consideration of 1 or 2.
  6. the key is his being eligible in the fall which seems like a given based upon fields going to ohio state and martel to miami
  7. fields would not be the first football player to find that the recruiting hostesses are quite as friendly after they sign and that his thoughts on that aspect of his college experience might not have been what he thought it would be for him
  8. Thank you for the inside info, Mr. “I’m not related to the Baldwins”

    I am stunned to hear that no other school could offer a “full and fair competition”
  9. im not related to the Baldwins. just a fan.

    i never said no other school could offer a full and fair competition. but TCU did and they were one of his favorites.
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  10. only happens because #3 occurred at almost every school they visited....so tie breaker rules apply
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    You kind of crossed a line there......
    Not a fan of your's.
  12. Really enjoying all the very confident assertions that Rogers isn’t ready from people with no connection to the team

    Delton might end up starting, but he was brought here as backup and change-of-pace, in my opinion. Coaches can see as well as us that he struggled at KSU.

    As for Baldwin, I’m sure he’s great, but he’s coming in with an uncertain prospect of playing next season at all and also as a grayshirt, so he certainly wasn’t brought in by coaches hoping he would be our starter. Maybe he will be, who knows, but if the coaches were clutching at straws, as someone put it, they would have found someone else with immediate eligibility.
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  13. I don’t think Fields or any other top recruit was having any issues in the department. Birds are lining up for him...
  14. Matt Joeckel was brought over to beat out Boykin. Some claim that’s exactly what happened and live in a world where Joeckel led us to an undefeated season
  15. I would be interested to hear Baldwin talk a little bit more about the portal, What was it like? Was it loud inside of it? (I imagine loud rushing noises...) Was there a bright light as he prepared to exit the portal? Did he enter fully clothed and emerge from the portal naked, like Austin Powers? Did the portal respect time zones? Was there a gooey film that formed on his body in the portal? What is the radiation level inside the portal? Has the portal ever been proven to be carcinogenic or is that just urban legend? Is it possible to achieve alternate timelines in the portal and, if so, are they random or can you choose? Has anyone ever died in the portal? Is it possible to "cross over" in the portal to see dead relatives and friends?
    So many questions...
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  16. I’m super intrigued by what your affiliation is with Baldwin...
  17. +4, Following
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  19. It's very similar to an ultrasound.
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  20. It's an all-encompassing repetitive persistent whooshing sound, indecipherable but unmistakably written by Beck, blotting out all voices of reason, with a footing seemingly level from a distance but perceptibly and irretrievably downhill, and a weirdly horizontal gravity pulling one toward the distant-yet-seemingly-close Bama/Clempson- colored fruit at the far end, said fruit being held by a thousand palm-leaf-only-clad virgins, offering nothing but themselves and the promise of immediate stardom...

    Also, unexpectedly devoid of run-on sentences.
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