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Baldwin to transfer to TCU

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, May 7, 2019.

  1. Eligible when
  2. Really good fit at TCU, should’ve offered out of high school, we are lucky to have him now. Excellent leader, smart, reminds me of Dalton in many ways.
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  3. Healthy?
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  4. Sooo....JR maybe not progressing as we’d hoped?
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  5. This was my first thought.

    We have never had 3, 4* QBs on the roster at the same time - kudos to Cumbie.
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  6. they did offer, but later in his senior year after ohio state had offered and remember that baldwin started 1 year at lake travis and i believe threw less than 100 passes the year before.

    charlie brewer was the starter at lake travis before baldwin and baldwin really didnt throw much when he got a chance to play as a junior.
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  7. Will apply for waiver so 90% chance eligible in the fall.
  8. Does your source happen to be a random number generator?
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  9. i don't think this is as much about any one quarterback on the roster as in all honesty tcu does not have a quarterback that they really know what they have and how they will play come game day.

    delton is a one-year guy, collins played in 9 and started 4 and we don't really know how healthy he will be going into the fall, rogers has played in one game, and duggan is right out of high school.

    i truly believe after the disaster at quarterback last year where the inability to execute a couple of basic throws cost this team in the games versus texas and tech gary has made it clear he never wants the frogs in a situation where they have no options at quarterback.
  10. The ball is in Cumbie's court.

    He now has
    Baldwin (think he will get eligibility from the NCAA)- if he does not, that is scheissed

    Also, with these bodies and talent can we concur that he is expected to develop one of the young three into a star? Last year I got Shat on for saying he cannot develop. So hopefully he can do it and shut me up. He needs to do his job now.
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  11. Is this Alec or Billy? I'm not sure which would be better, or worse.

    I also didn't know we had a "quarterback room."
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  12. Last year we almost ran out, this year we will have enough for 2 teams.
  13. Take all the QBs you can. Most important position on the field.
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  14. What is his case to be immediately eligible? I kinda hope is he isn’t, just because I’m not sure he’d play much this year anyway and I hate that every kid is now asking for waivers for no good reason.
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    Doesn't matter if the Oline still sucks... Those big uglies have to get bigger and meaner this off season if we ever want to make a change to the offensive output.

    Oh, and Fire Anderson.
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  16. No offense to the Mule...because the darner manned up and basically won us 3 games in a row....BUT....

    I think GP from here on out wants 3 qualified QBs on the roster at all times.
  17. Interesting twist today took. I expect Delton to be QB1 to start the season. Everything I have heard on Duggan is that everyone is very high on him. Should be interesting. Couple all of this with that TCU just signed the #1 quarterback out of Oklahoma yesterday.

    Go Frogs!

    Can someone on here that lives in Fort Worth post a picture of what the east side expansion looks like now?

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