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Baldwin to transfer to TCU

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by MinFrog, May 7, 2019.

  1. make it automatic
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  2. Worth noting he hasn’t been suspended (that I’m aware of).
  3. Or maybe they’re choosing to have a little more optimism than you are.
  4. You’re either with me or your opinion is false
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  5. Could be worse..... the 247 board just locked a thread simply because someone questioned whether Justin Rogers was our QB of the future.
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  6. I saw that, but I'm pretty sure the guy was a troll based on his handle, number of posts (4), date joined (May 2019) and content. He was fishing for responses and IMO it was right to lock it. He was looking to get a thread started by bashing a kid and knew the responses would go sideways.
  7. If Baldwin is eligible, I think we are in as good a position as we have been in several years to have solid QB play. He is healthy, Rogers is working towards being healthy and we know that he is a tremendous talent if he can get there, Duggan looks solid (although young), Collins has some experience at P5 level now and Delton is what he is. I think one or more of them will step up. If we can get solid line play and the ground game established in first 3 games, I’m pretty optimistic about this year.
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  8. In 2017 our offense was pretty good. Last year it was not, and I attribute that to inconsistent QB play.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. It’s always easier to have a incumbent coming back...But your right...We have talent in the building and that’s a great place to start..
  11. Just no excuse for Cumbie not to have 1 of the 5 QB options ready to go come fall. Anything else should not be tolerated on here nor by the rest of the fanbase.

    In his warchest, SC currently has:
    - An all american, first round talent at receiver
    - A RB who is probably the most talented since LT
    - Another RB who can run over just about anyone in the conference
    - An offensive line who will have a 1st/2nd round pick at tackle and 5-6 guys who played an entire year last year.
    - Multiple slot guys who have track speed and can hit a homerun ball at any moment
    - Two outside guys in Stephens and Hunt who are as athletic as we've had

    Simply will not tolerate anything less than a competent, dangerous offense. Any team with Reagor should not be a bad offense, he's that good. What we witnessed last year should warrant jail time and must be fixed. If it's the same story this year, I'll simply change the channel when we have the ball. Just let me know when we punt or fumble and I'll flip back.
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  12. From what I have heard, they are very close to making an arrest.
  13. We should all be experts on this process after that probable cause discussion on the other thread
  14. I have a reasonable suspicion you're correct.
    I also have a limo, I ride in the back.
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