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2020 Baseball Season Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Sep 30, 2019.

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  2. Bump.
    It’s opening week!!
  3. Still trying to convince my wife that the best Valentine’s date option this Friday is at Lupton.
  4. Mix in a hotel downtown with brunch plans on Saturday and I bet you can close that deal...
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  5. Good luck with that.
  6. Tried that. Failed when I mentioned that we could catch the Saturday game after the brunch. Seemed like an efficient plan.
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  7. Ok...mix in some pre-Valentine's Day Kendra Scott bling ("Because I just had to get you something else sweetie") and see if that loosens her up a bit....

    Kendra is relatively cheap...you can't make a mistake and just about every woman loves it. I've got two $75 bracelets stashed in my truck as we speak in case I need a quick Get Outta Jail card...or a last minute hall pass for some "client" trip....
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  8. Stealing a page out of the Red Foreman book of romance.
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  9. Did we ever get an injury update? Who did what that Schloss was displeased with?
  10. So there's basically zero updates on the team? Any idea on who the starters are? Line-up? Starting pitchers?
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  11. GP took over the baseball injury report and lineup...just gonna have to wait and see what the darn we roll out with on Friday...then again on Sat and Sun....
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  12. I've watched a few scrimmages.....my best guess

    C-Humphreys--but the freshman catcher, Byrne, is good and is the future for sure
    2b--Rogers or Goodloe
    SS--Sacco--you're gonna love this guy
    3b-shepherd, Goodloe or Rogers
    LF--porter brown
    CF--Wolfe but I think he may be hurt so possibly Sikes
    RF--Wood--the grad transfer from Alabama
    DH--Wolfe, Byrne, Goodloe, Shepherd???


    some combination of King, Russell Smith and Johnny Ray....Ray has been amazing, just not sure if CJS will throw him in the first game....what I've seen of the bullpen is a HUGE improvement from last year

    wild card on the pitching staff: the return of Caleb Sloan...watch out if he figures it out!
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  13. Hearing Ray, King and Smith for this weekends order
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  14. I asked a player at our table the other night which pitcher really sticks out, and he said Johnny Ray before I finished my question......
  15. Looked at Ray’s profile.... interesting. Looks like he’s played most of his life as a hitter? And now he’s our ace?
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  16. So maybe Meador on Tuesdays then??
  17. His profile makes zero sense btw, it says he's RS Soph but the timeline doesnt add up and is all darned up to begin with.....our SID department needs to clean this up especially if he is a weekend guy..

    "Previous School
    Spent the 2018 season on the Illinois State roster… did not play a game for the Redbirds… played the 2019 season at John A. Logan High School… ranked as the No. 15 top prospect in the state of Illinois by Baseball America… injuries limited him to just eight innings on the season."
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  18. John A. Logan is a community college.
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  19. How does someone make that kind of improvement? Basically dropped out of Illinois State and went JUCO, spent the entire year hurt, and now is our ace
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