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2019 MLB Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by FBallFan123, Dec 5, 2018.

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  2. ROY finalists...

  3. Cy Young finalists...

  4. MVP finalists...

  5. Manager of the year finalists...

  6. So this story has been getting a lot of talk today.

    I don't have a subscription to The Athletic but parts of it are on Twitter....

  7. curious if fiers gave his ring back
  8. Saw a few YouTube videos supposedly recording this trash can sound that signaled what pitch was coming next.

    I’m skeptical because of a few things:
    1) why is there no footage of something as large and loud as a metal trash can being banged on? It’s not like they were using tiny earpieces. This should be visible on any telecast when the camera pans into the dugout.

    2) if the thing is loud enough to be heard by the batter, wouldn’t it also be heard by the opposing catcher, pitcher, first baseman, second baseman, home plate umpire, first base umpire and second base umpire? Especially when used for multiple batters ina sequence that takes multiple pitches (and banging signals)?

    3) wouldnt the camera operators right next to the dugout notice this?

    4) wouldn’t anyone not on the roster but in the dugout notice this? Think of all the people who would have to be in on the conspiracy for over two years now: beat writers, medics, police, EMTs, batboys, the people who setup the camera. You’d have to pay off a LOT of people to not tell anyone (and trust them enough that they wouldn’t take the money and spill the secrets) to do something so blatant.

    6) I’ve seen on Twitter the film from one home game in 2017. shouldn’t there be film of this happening in other games? Also, since they hit better on the road in 2017, shouldn’t there be film from this at road games?

    7) if they also did this on road games, then you have a whole new list of people to pay off and not say anything. Local bat boys, clubhouse managers, security, camera people, EMTs. Again, wouldn’t they say something by now?

    8) the Astros hit better on the road in 2017.
  9. Just another reason to hate the astros now. You scheissing cheaters.
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  10. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this is true. Also won’t really care much.
  11. so a bad breaking ball over the heart of the plate is proof the astros were cheating?

    bauer is pissed cole is about to get paid and he is headed to be the ace in sugarland if he does get things worked out soon
  12. Ichiro’s rookie or “start of career” stats shouldn’t count.
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  13. Think he’s just making a joke...

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