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2019 MLB Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by FBallFan123, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. The hot stove is heating up this week with the Mets trading for Cano and Diaz, the Phillies trading for Jean Segura, the Nationals signing Patrick Corbin and now the Dbacks trading Goldschmidt to the Cardinals.

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  2. Carp is on board with the Goldy acquisition....

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  3. would have liked to see goldschmidt in left field for the astros.

    maybe next year and i will pay for the toll pass so he can take the hardy on the drive in from the woodlands
  4. One thing to keep in mind with the Dbacks trading Goldschmidt is it could open the door for Kevin Cron in Arizona...something to watch in spring training and into next season...

  5. The Sammy Sosa trade doesn't look so bad now. Now the Rangers and Tom Grieve can say they traded for a HOFer.
  6. Being from ATL, I know how much the fans of Atlanta don’t want Harper.. that’s right I said don’t. Our front office wants him which I understand but you know how moneyball works.. Harper is a tool and has beef with Teherán and I will never forgive him for scuffing our logo behind home rant. That’s my opinion. Go Braves and Chop On!!

  7. Here's what Baseball America wrote about Ferrell in their Rule 5 draft preview:


  8. Ferrell was selected in the Major League portion of the draft, meaning is guaranteed at least an opening day roster spot on the Marlins.

    As Chandler said, if he doesn't stick and gets sent back down to AAA, the Astros can take him back.

    The only thing holding him back at this point - and why the Astros left him unprotected - is still his lack of control. His walk rate is very high.

    Nonetheless, this is another Frog in an MLB uniform next season.
  9. Also worth noting in regards to the Marlins, who seem likely to deal catcher JT Realmuto at some point this offseason...

  10. Eh...TO Owens eventually played for the Cowboys.
  11. Rangers deal Claudio to Mil for 39th pick. After supplemental picks that becomes an early 2nd. Pretty good return for a soft-tossing lefty. Nolan wouldn't have made that deal.
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  12. Marlins are in a total rebuild, so Ferrell should have a much better opportunity now than he would have in Houston.

    And if things work out, maybe Bryan Holaday is behind the plate when he's on the mound.
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  13. Pretty sad to see Morton leave the Stros for Tampa. Thought that would be one guy we could keep. Our rotation has regressed a little, especially with McCullers out all year with TJ surgery.
  14. Think that’s a great trade. Obviously it will depend on how that pick does, but the upside is a lot more than what Claudio is. Really like Claudio and hope he does well for a team in a division race
  15. Harold Baines made the HOF?

    Before Edgar Martinez is a crime.
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  16. Just add it to the list of crimes.

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