2017 TCU Football Season Ticket Renewals

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    Lay off the beers man. Not sure how this continues to go over your head. Your denseness regarding this is astounding. The payment plan is a scam. Following their payment plan forces to you pay the full amount for the tickets before the renewal date even happens. If you do their "payment plan," you're having to pay them 100% of your purchase price a week sooner than if you just waited until the last day to renew. But somehow you find this "gracious" of them? Can't believe I've had to explain this to you twice. 
    And I'm not sure why you keep rambling on about the fact no one is forcing me to buy tickets. I never once expressed any kind of problem with the price or value of the tickets or any kind of hesitancy about renewing.
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  2. Well, you're smarter than me. I'm just finishing funding a full ride daddy schollie.
    I think this is exactly right. 
    Some of my college buddies that are only a few years out all had SEZ seats and would all get there early and sit together, so they're likely going to get jerked around and are pissed because of it. But it is what it is. TCU realized these seats had a higher value as reserved seats, and this was the most practical way to go about it. 
  4. Probably wasn't an accident.
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    Congrats! You're about to get a big raise! I hope I have that kind of money some day. 
    For what it's worth, my two younger siblings had nearly identical grades to me, but applied after the Rose Bowl season. They got offered chump change for scholarship. If I had applied post Rose Bowl, I don't know if I would have been a Frog. 
  7. I am rambling on? There are times when you have a good, well reasoned point, and times when you're being a whiney little witch. This would be one of those unfortunate, latter times...

    Quit [2314ing].

  8. Well to be fair, TCU would also be paying for the credit card transaction fees 3 times instead of once. Not major.

    Plus all they're doing is allowing another option to pay. If you want to wait until last day and do it, then nothing stops you. All people don't have the same money management skills. Personally my wife and I get our yearly bonuses days before renewal window typically opens so I just typically earmark part of that toward renewal. But others it might help to spread over a couple paychecks and not sit in the bank account tempting them. To each their own.
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    I see that now that I logged into my account.  I can pay half now and give the other half to my friend Asalah who works in securities.
    True but if you are going to offer it as a payment plan, make it payable by September, not fricking mid March.
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    Good lord, that's a good dad. I've already completely given up hope on Hannah attending TCU without a massive scholarship TCU will be at least 600k for 4 years by the time she attends school. I will save at least 150k and pay an additional 50k or so but that's it. Rest is on her. I will recommend she stays away from TCU unless they get back to 50% for their academic scholarships.
    Heck I'd be grateful if they broke the payments cycle out over three months like February, March, and April. Renewals seem like they didn't used to be due until May and now they are due right before tax season. This current version forces two payment within one cycle. I'm funding a full ride "Daddy" scholarship for my daughter and would be grateful to spread this out a bit next year.
    ATO, can you make that happen? :wink:  
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  13. I'm not fully with Maniac on the payment plan issue. TCU clearly cannot let it stretch out beyond the due date. There is no reason, however, that a season ticket holder should not be allowed to place a deposit on next season's tickets as soon as this years are purchased. Since the price should never go down, this would allow easier payment options for season ticket holders with irregular or modest incomes and a limited ability to save. This would also be a nice boost for TCU's cashflow.
  14. You are on the right track researchfrog. This is exactly what some fans have started doing the last few seasons during the month of December.

    Whether it is to spread out their payments or to help with personal "end of year" tax donations, we have started to see more fans make payments toward their parking, club seat gift or scholarship seating donation in December. When they get their renewal in Jan/Feb, their prior payment is already applied to whatever the new total will be. With the new payment plans being offered, this allows them to now spread the final amount over 2-3 more payments.

    At the end of the day, we are trying to help provide options to make it easier for whatever works best for you individually. We appreciate the support we have and realize each fan is different with personal finances.

    Also correct that we need to have payments finished prior to starting upgrades and new sales. It all goes to our end of fiscal year goals on May 31.

    Thanks for your support!

    Go Frogs!
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  15. What is the purpose of a payment plan due before the normal due date? I think your idea is fine in that TCU would be happy to accept money even earlier. The purpose of a payment plan is to help those struggling to obtain funds. TCU's plan actually makes it more difficult. It involves 3 separate transactions before the normal due date. Even those struggling to pay are smart enough to put the money in a savings account until before the latest deadline.

    I'm with tcumaniac. This is the stupidest thing TCU has done in awhile.
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  16. As researchfrog mentioned it is most likely about TCU's cash flow.
  17. That's not a payment plan. That's layaway.
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    Not sure what you're getting at. Tcu baylored themselves by announcing this dumb as [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] payment plan over 4 weeks thing. 
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  19. Bump for those who might have forgotten or are on the fence.
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  20. Don't think I'm renewing this year.

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