2017 TCU Football Season Ticket Renewals

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  1. Horned Frogs,
    Your 2017 football season ticket renewal time begins today.  Look for an email later today.  Paper renewals being completed and should be in the mail by this weekend.  Renewal deadline is Friday, March 24th.
    Quick highlights...
    1. Payment plans...season tickets may be paid in 2 or 3 payment installments.
    2. South end zone will be reserved seats instead of GA.  Everyone with tickets in the SEZ last year, and renews for 2017, will automatically be included in upgrade process.  All seats in SEZ will be available for selection based on availability and priority points rank.
    3. The online upgrade option is now a mandatory "yes/no" response.  We heard you and expect this option to be more transparent.  Thanks for your feedback.
    Link below is for returning STH's to login and renew.
    Link below is for anyone that wants to be on the wait list for new or extra season tickets/parking.  New sales will begin in mid to late May (after the upgrade period for returning STH's has been completed).
    Thank you for your continued support of TCU Football!  Let's sell out season tickets at Amon G. Carter Stadium again!
    Go Frogs!
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  2. If I have two season tickets already and want to add two more, the right process is to renew my existing two and get on the waitlist for the other two?
  3. I'll consider myseld Horned....
    You have to renew your current tickets, then check "yes" on the option to upgrade.  You'll have the chance to add the other seats before it goes to gen public/waitlist.  You will not be getting seats next to your current seats (just a word of warning).
    Edited to add:  Depending on your priority points rank, you'll have the opportunity to add tickets.  They could be all gone before it gets around to you.  It all depends.
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  5. I owe TCU a bunch of money by March 24? Damnit.
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  6. No, You are giving TCU a $9,000,000 interest free advance on a product that they will not deliver for 7 months or more.
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  7. Appreciate the renewal deadline being in red text. Exactly what I came here to ask.

    Any word on ticket price increases?
    ^^^^Yes, this is correct.  You will need to renew your existing tickets/parking by Mar. 24 and then get on the wait list for any extras.
    ^^^^Actually the upgrade period is for moving or changing existing seats only.  Additional tickets/parking cannot be added during the upgrade period.  We want to give returning STH's first chance to move into open areas before new items can be added.
    Thanks for the questions/comments.
    Go Frogs!
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  9. Price per season is no change, but with fewer games, price per game is increased. Expect price per game to stay the same next year, but with more games, price per season will increase.
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    Not how I remember it going down when I added 2 seats a few years ago.  You renew what you currently have.  After the renewal period expires, the upgrades/additions process begins based on priority points.  Once that is complete, whatever is left (if anything) goes to general public/waitlist.  Is that not correct?  Has the process changed or has it always been that way?  I don't remember ever having to go through the process 3 times in one season.
    Upgrades/additions does NOT occur at the time of renewal.
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. ATO - I renewed but where/when/how/is it possible now to reduce the number of tickets I have if I need to do so?

    Also, if you could go ahead and move me up about 1000 places on the priority points list I would appreciate it. I am a hell of a nice guy. Trust me.
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  13. ATO, I do not currently have parking but I'm interested in adding it. When in the process/how do I indicate that? Thanks
  14. I have 2 tickets, west side, waaaay back...very last row. We need 4 this year. Are the chances decent that I'll be able to get all four together AND move up a few rows? I figure I can renew the 2 I have and then wait to add the other 2 when my turn to buy more tickets comes up?
  15. Peacefrog - thanks for renewing!  If you need to reduce your quantity, please call the ticket office prior to the March 24 deadline.  Reductions cannot be submitted online, must be done in person or on the phone.
    Anticipating the next question, the online system is not very clean when it comes to reductions.  It is great for renewing and adding, but reductions can lead to errors.  The system won't allow you to be specific as to which seat(s) you want to release and which ones you want to keep.  So it releases all seats in your account.  Obviously a phone call is then required to figure out which specific seats you intended to keep/release.
    Appreciate your support!
    Go Frogs!
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    We have used the process I described for several seasons.  Thanks for your support!
    Go Frogs!
  17. Things happen in the following order and each step is different. 
    1. Renew by March 24 (also choose whether or not you want to upgrade and/or add more seats to your account).
    2. Upgrade (if possible)
    3. Add more seats (if available)- This goes in the order of priority points whether your have tickets already or not (some people may have points but for some reason don't currently have football tickets) and then filters down to the general public who are on a waiting list. And if anything is left after that, it's first come first serve. 
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  18. I did that last year. You renew and state you want parking. When your upgrade time comes, you can move your seats, but not add parking. A second selection slot is emailed after all upgrades and you get a new time slot to pick a parking spot.
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    Please call the ticket office or go online at the link below to be added to the "wait list".  The wait list is for new tickets and/or parking.  You will be assigned a selection time based on your priority rank.  Process begins in mid/late May and based on availability.
    Go Frogs!
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    As far as I understand, the chances of you getting 4 together this season by only adding 2 is very unlikely because the "upgrade" period happens before you get to add 2 seats. 
    Unless there were magically two empty spots next to your current seats, you won't be able to get them all next to each other until the "upgrade" period for the 2018 season. 

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