2017 TCU Football Season Ticket Renewals

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  1. Thanks. Last year I never received an email about upgrade window. Any way to ensure I get notified this year? I would like better parking situation.
  2. Thanks for the response. Seems out of order. Why would folks ever want to buy more tickets that aren't next to their current seats?
  3. To sell on StubHub and make stacks of cash.
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  4. What color do I wear?  
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    Sorry to hear about last year.  Unfortunately, you are not the first person to report this.  We understand there was some confusion and errors when requesting to be on the upgrade option last year.  That is one of the reasons we made this a mandatory "yes/no" box when renewing online.  We believe this will help eliminate the same issue from last year.  This new option is a direct result of feedback we received from our fans.  Thank you for helping us get better.
    A suggestion to keep in the back of your mind or to add to your calendar...we should be sending upgrade selection time emails around April 14th.  So if you have not received an email, please call us.
    Go Frogs!
  6. I was in the same state last year.  I called the ticket office and got put on the waiting list.  When the time came i was able to get parking.  The available spaces are limited but we were able to get a decent tail gate spot.
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  7. When did the packets go out? I don't remember getting either our personal or our business packet......
  8. Buried in here is the news that the South End Zone is going reserved (no more GA). Been thinking this was going to happen for several years. SEZ contains some of the few seats in the stadium that are always protected from rain/sun. Will be interesting to see what happens here...
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  9. Renewed. Same seats.

    Now, it's time for a beer.
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  10. Renewed my tickets and parking.
    Go Frogs!
    Absolutely in order. Priority Point Account #800 doesn't get to, for example, add 6 more seats anywhere they want before Priority Point Accounts #801+ have had an opportunity to move to slightly better seats.  Allows the loyal fans to slowly improve their seats without giving more and more prime seats to the top accounts. 
    Yeah, this was announced at the town hall last week.  Definitely time for this.  If I understand correctly, they're basically re-seating these former SEZ GA folks -- if you have SEZ GA you're guaranteed tickets, but will have to select actual reserved seats through the Ballena sytem during upgrades. So I suspect some current 400-level folks could swoop down into the SEZ and some of the current SEZ GA folks could end up in the 400 level or east side 200 corners. 
  13. The family friendly Ballena selection software doesn't recognize porn domains, i.e. Peacefrog@punishtube.com. I would recommend opening a gmail acct.
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    OK.  That reminds me of a pretty good family story.  
    My dad and uncle, both TCU lettermen back in the 50s, were having a relaxing Christmas together a few years ago.  My cousins had given my aunt a new laptop for Christmas, and recommended that she set up a hotmail account.  
    Well, she got the machine unpacked and everyone settled in for a post-present chat.  She was quite quietly occupied setting up her new email account for quite some time--over an hour.  
    Finally, she admitted that she couldn't quite figure out how to set up an email account with the interesting site hotmale.com.  
    I've never visited that site, but can imagine why it was so intriguing to her for so long!
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  15. I hope this isn't the case. It's one thing to change general admission to having assigned seats... but kicking people out of their existing seats/section simply to assign seat numbers would be a poor decision to make.

    I've had SEZ tickets since the beginning and I'll be really upset if I end up in the 400s simply due to numbering the seats instead of general admission.

    Can you clarify ATO? Will existing South EZ ticket holders be guaranteed a spot in the South EZ???
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    Generally speaking, no one is guaranteed anything.  It is all based on priority points. However, if you have been a SEZ season ticket holder for a while, I doubt those seats will be gone that quickly.
  17. Agree. I cannot imagine there would be enough people opting to move down there, that were not already there. Could be wrong though.
  18. Honestly if this were to happen I will be pretty damn pissed. If I get stuck in 400's instead of SEZ I will have to rethink whether I want seats going forward.
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  19. Just curious since it seems we have some knowledgeable people here, I had the frog pack or whatever they called it so I had 4 tickets in the South End Zone which was great. I just renewed today (somewhat significant price increase), am I guaranteed to have 4 tickets next to each other? If not will I be able to get a refund?
  20. ATO, Is  the tennis lot still first come first served?  Is there any space available?  We're planning to move down there with some friends if there is room.

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