2017 TCU Football Season Ticket Renewals

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  1. I'm guessing that's less about spreading out money, and more about accumulating priority points sooner to apply to this season, no? Each year you're accumulating points before someone who waits until March 24th.

    EDIT: What date are points reconciled?
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  2. Not sure if serious, but I'm definitely hoping there are some modest upgrades available this year after our rough season last year, and relatively limited expectations for this year.

    Last year I ended up moving back a few rows to get 4 seats together. Hoping to inch a little closer this year.

  3. Not sure about this, but I still think the payment plan is ridiculously silly.

    I coveniently opened a new credit card earlier this month with a nice sign up bonus. Renewed my season tickets today, but my first statement won't be due until May 11th.

    How's that for a payment plan?
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  4. How did you renew today? I thought all renewal documents had to be sent over a month ago.

    On that subject, when will the upgrade process start?
  5. I believe tomorrow is final renewal date per OP.
  6. There is this thing called the internet, and on it you can renew tickets. Tomorrow (24th) is the deadline.
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  7. [​IMG]
  8. Thanks for the reminder. Just renewed. Guess TCU got a 1 day loan. :rolleyes:
  9. Sadly I am serious. Living in Austin and being a small business owner makes it increasingly difficult to attend the games. Plus, and I really hate to say it, but I was getting very tired of being surrounded by opposing fans in my section. That is not a hit on good TCU fans, it's a hit on the plus 4 policy. The plus 4 system is keeping good TCU fans from becoming season ticket holder IMO.

    The sad thing is I have excellent seats. The 50 yard line splits my 4 seats on the east side, about 15 rows from the top. Love those seats.
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  10. If you buy them, I will use them.

    Just throwing that out there.
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  11. I still think the +4 thing is overblown. I do blame companies that have tickets that give them to their employees. During the MWC days only TCU fans or casual fans would use them. Now we are in the Big 12, the Texas, OU, OSU, Texas Tech etc. fans ask for these tickets. We also have a lot of TCU fans that buy season tickets just to use a few times a year then sell the rest to anyone who wants them on Stubhub. In the past they might give them away or not use them because they didn't cost an arm and a leg. Now they try to recoup their money by selling the ones they don't use. Do I like it, no but it would take a new rule to not allow the reselling of tickets to put an end to some of it.
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  12. I've said it before, but the most effective way to fix this problem would be to get rid of the priority point incentive to have as many tickets as possible by not counting tickets sold on StubHub. If a season ticket is sold on StubHub, even once, it should forfeit the priority point(s) for that ticket(s).

    People are being rewarded for buying way more seats than they need, and then selling them on StubHub to recoup their cost. Basically gives them free priority points.

    Tcu doesn't care, because it ensures we sell out the stadium.

    The huge negative is that it exponentially makes everyone's seats worse, and creates endless pockets of StubHub fans and prevents any true TCU section from forming, which is why almost everyone feels like they're surrounded by away fans.
  13. I don't know what the best 'fix' is but a single ticket ending up on StubHub once shouldn't forfeit the point. That's a bit extreme IMO. for two years I was over by the visitor band and visitor fans. It was like an away game. Sucked. So I know first hand the affects of the StubHub ticket. Finally got over to the east side corner and we don't have that issue.

    That said, we're expecting a baby in June and we live over two hours away. Almost a 5 hour round trip after a 3 hour tailgate and a 5 hour game. That's a long day with little ones. Likelihood of me making many games this year is slim. So should I lose points for that? Not saying I'll be putting mine up on stubhub, but there will be games where my seats will be empty. Not the way I want it and not normal for us, but sometimes life gets in the way of football.

    The purpose isn't to knock what your saying maniac, don't mean to come across that way, because I mostly agree with you on this issue and I don't have a solution either. But the fact is CDC will not punish ticket holders for tickets ending up on stubhub because he doesn't care. He's already been paid for those tickets. No longer his problem and there are butts in seats regardless if they are our butts or opposing butts. That also means increased revenue from concessions, swag, parking, etc. win win for TCU.
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  14. Just renewed. We better be good this year...
  15. The StubHub crowd, myself included, will take a bath this year IMO. Home schedule is awful. I have always bought 4 and sold my extras because (1) it helps me be able to afford the flights from California for all of the home games and (2) as my family grows I won't have to reset to terrible seats. IMO there are valid situations like mine where selling tickets shouldn't be so aggressively ridiculed on this board. Not a fan of the true +4 that never have any intention of using the seats ever other than for potential profit, but all cases are not this.

    That said, I'm fine if I don't get points for the seats I don't use and I don't mind seasons like this where I fully expect to lose money. I'm just trying to hold onto them for the future when I have kids and maybe move back to FW.

    Here we go....
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  16. Understood. My tickets were very near yours for 3 seasons. The entire row behind me was all stubhub. My row was 80% stubhub. Never sat next to a TCU fan for three years. There were many good opponent fans but mostly drunk obnoxious bass bowls. Got into it with a drunk Longhorn who was screaming F bombs in my 83 yr old MIL's ear. Finally moved to west side which was an improvement. People who haven't experienced it don't understand how bad it gets over there.
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  17. PM if serious.
  18. I did the same living in Houston. My kids aren't old enough to need their own seats yet and we don't make but half. But I hoped we'd have kids and move back (both happened/happening). I filled them with in laws when I could but sometimes sold them. I agree with you. People are too harsh 'round here sometimes.
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  19. Well, kinda serious as in I would like free seats.

    But I doubt you'd be up for that.
  20. As far as next season goes, we will be much improved. Just having a good field goal kicker will be a huge plus.
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