2017 TCU Football Season Ticket Renewals

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    My understanding is that you don't have to select any seats when your timeslot comes. I moved to a cheaper section last year and was reimbursed the difference. Thus, if you just did not select any seats, you would get a refund.
    Not sure what your priority point situation is, but I added parking last year the Tennis lot was gone by the time I got to choose.  They only had a couple of spots after the initial reshuffling.
    I understand the desire to stay in the SEZ based on having been there "since the beginning".  That was certainly brought up in our discussions about best way to proceed.  In conclusion, it was decided that the most fair option for everyone would be to allow all STH's to select in this area based on priority rank.  That is consistent with our priority points system and what we do for all events.  Many of our fans never requested seats in the SEZ because they preferred to have a reserved seat instead of fighting for different space each week.  Will they now move to this area, stay where they are or find something else they prefer more?  That is the unknown question at this time.
    As stated in the Town Hall and on the renewal info, the SEZ will become reserved seats instead of GA.  Anyone with tickets in the SEZ last year and renews for 2017, will be automatically included in the upgrade process so they can select seats for 2017.  The seats are not guaranteed to be in the SEZ unless seats in that area are still available at your selection time.
    Thank you for your support!
    Go Frogs!
    I do not expect this to be an issue.  You should be fine finding 4 seats together.  Thanks for renewing!
    Go Frogs!
    Yes, Lot 14 (baseball/tennis lot) is still sold as "general parking" for the season.  The spaces are not specifically reserved. But all spaces were sold last year. Tough to truly answer if spaces will become available this year for upgrades. Obviously, we hope not.  But if they do, I expect them to be filled quickly during upgrades as in previous years.
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  5. Thanks for the info, but I still have one question.

    I am not able to get my 4 in the South End Zone will I be able to get my money back? If not, I don't understand how you can sell someone something without them knowing what they are getting. If I were a new season ticket holder, I woukd be allowed to pick what is available before I pay.
  6. What about this payment plan thing? Don't recall this before. But I am broke right now so I'm interested.
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    I understand your question, but the simple answer is no.  We will not issue a refund if you do not get back into the SEZ. We guarantee seats will be available in the stadium for you to purchase.  We do not guarantee they will be in the specific area you want.
    I hope you will renew but I understand your hesitation. As you stated, a new STH knows their seat location before buying.  There is nothing stopping you from skipping the renewal and then choosing to go through the wait list process as a "new buyer" in May or in future years.  But I would not recommend that option.  You always have more opportunity to select better seats during the upgrade process than you would as a new buyer.
    Thank you for your support and I sincerely hope to have you back as a renewed season ticket holder!  Please call as I would love to speak with you and help answer any other questions/concerns.
    Go Frogs!
    3 easy payments before March 15...or one payment by March 24?  Some payment plan.
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    This is a new option this year based on feedback we received from our fans.  This gives you an option to spread into 2 or 3 payments.  First payment is due now.  Second payment is due Feb. 15 and final payment is due Mar. 15.
    Go Frogs!
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  10. Geez, this is teaching financial discipline to an idiot who can't deduct x% per paycheck to reach the amount needed for tickets.

    I guess it'd be messy to do partial payment before seat selection and have people back out.

    Would rather have those frog points (idk the app thing that was new this year) from donating tickets to the athletic department roll over or be redeemable at end of the year for merchandise or a voucher to the online store / bookstore.
    Who are these people?  The cash my paycheck and give it all to the wife crowd?  Fans with horrible cocaine habits?
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  12. Lot 14? If so, I've been in this lot for several years now and it annoys me that they won't use the entire parking lot. There's a big chunk of that lot that edges up to Lupton and the track that's unused. Would be a better atmosphere there if it were a little more crowded imo.
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  13. People who complain about the perks enjoyed by those in the champ club.
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  14. FIFY
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  15. Payment plan is a helpful idea. Still waiting to hear an actual payment plan.

    I kid I kid. I'll pay all at once. Credit cards!! It's like free money.
  16. This might have been covered in the Town Hall. Are the visitor sections still the same and is the visiting band location still the same. Two years ago I moved 'down' to 228 and have awesome close seats until the visiting band starts playing. If the visiting band is still next door I may do the renew and select upgrade and hope I can move to the South EZ Reserved.
  17. I am confused by this. I have 6 SEZ tickets that I renewed today. What you are saying is that by the time my turn in line comes around all the 400's could move to SEZ and I would only have 400 options left (hypothetically) AND they could cost more? So the money I spent today could turn out to be insufficient to get tickets for next season so I will be forced to pay more AND probably not have six seats together? This sounds terrible.

    I think I would rather buy on the secondary market and get the seats I want. This should have been explained more clearly before I spent $3000 today.

    Edit: for the record I don't generally [ hundin] about much but I feel like I spent a decent amount of money today but I don't know what I am getting for it or if I'm done spending. Understand the frustration with that? Maybe I need to quit donating by buying a spot in the garage and just pay people to park on their lawns so I can save up for my mystery tickets.
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  18. ATO,

    Thanks as always for the prompt response. You're a fantastic ambassador for the ticket office and university.

    I know this SEZ talk doesn't mean anything until the re-seating process is done. And I sure hope it doesn't displace existing ticket holders in the SEZ. But for those of us who sit there now to even have the possibility of losing our seats somewhere in the SEZ... This seems like an unfair policy.

    Considering we've sat there for years, this feels no different than telling someone in section 201 that their seats will be taken away and put up for open selection again based on priority points, and hopefully they have enough priority points to keep them.

    I sit in the EZ because of my relatively low priority points, and I understand that others have earned the right to choose seats before me. But we already did this when the stadium was redone. So it feels unfair to those of us already sitting in the SEZ to potentially be kicked out.

    I know you guys have tough decisions to make... Thanks for listening.

    Go Frogs!
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  19. You say words more betterer than me do.
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  20. [​IMG]
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