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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by netty2424, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. They extend your contract and contemplate a statue at Kyle Field if you go 10-2 at A&M. At LSU they are kind of pissed. That's the difference. The money and everything else is not all that different.
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  2. Do you have to be a beating in every thread?

    You pay $50K or $100K to make something go away...and the number I heard that FSU paid was $9 million.
  3. You heard incorrectly. Simple Google search answers that question real quick.
  4. I could see that, meaning not leaving FSU for LSU. Baton Rouge is a cesspool. There are a minimum of a 1/2 dozen petrochemical/refinery plants in the city limits. And more just out side the city limits. College Station is probably a similar environment to FSU in culture and etc... with a small step down in recruiting history and a bit larger step down in winning over the past few decades;. just don't see the plus side going into an SEC west division race every year under those conditions. Much rather do Tennessee.
  5. FTIW, my working definition of a Blueblood program is to have won multiple national championships with different coaches. Two national championship coaches is fringe, three is true status. Oklahoma, Nebraska, USC, Alabama, Notre Dame, etc.
  6. I could see A&M being an appealing option for Jimbo because it gives him the opportunity to make his name in the SEC...where he got very little credit for team success when he was OC under Saban and Miles. After going 8-4 his first season at LSU - The tigers were a combined 62-16 which resulted in 3 Top 5 finishes and a BCS Championship. He knows the Aggies will pay for a top-tier DC to handle the other side of things so he can concentrate on doing the thing he is known best for: developing winning college QBs (which is why he will rake in the $$$$).
  7. LSU gave the HC job to Les Miles after Saban left for the NFL. He stuck around as Miles' OC for a little while...and I think that only added to the dark cloud of his opinion re: the Tigers. It's a program he'd much rather beat than join, IMO.
  8. Please show me where I said Jimbo sucks?
  9. So what does Blue Blood mean to you?
  10. Probably what it means to most people. Programs with huge followings with a ton of success, tradition and history. It's a combination of those things and I think FSU falls short of the others I named.
  11. Starting to hear some things regarding Coach DudeBroShades. Originally, it appeared the admins were going to attempt to try to justify keeping him. Now I'm hearing from a source who usually has good info that Kingsbury will step down if Tech loses to UT this week.

    He says they expect Dykes or Neal Brown 7-10 days after Kingsbury steps down over the weekend so that they have a chance to lock up the early signing period.

    From what I've seen and heard, i can't imagine either choice (especially Dykes) would be greeted with excitement although more seem to like Neal brown. This whole thing may not come anywhere close to happening but I found it interesting, nonetheless.
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  12. So the difference between Kevin Sumlin getting fired and Jimbo Fisher having a statue put up is only approximately two wins? Sumlin goes eight and four several seasons and the Ags just can’t wait to fire him.

    Aggy strikes me as one of those fanbases that would fire the head coach if they lost the national title game two years in a row.
  13. Any chance GP could prevent Dykes to Tech? It seems like GP is making his job tougher than it should be by staff leaving for other Big12 jobs.

    Dykes will be another example of a coach in the room that ends up a conference foe.
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  14. A&M thought Sumlin was awesome when they went 11-2 and finished 2nd in the SEC West. Granted, they probably loved Manziel more, but they sure as heck thought they had the next great coach then too.

    Yes, there a HUGE difference in only two wins in college football. And 2 wins is definitely the difference in coaches getting fired and getting extensions at most major programs.
  15. That'd be nice wouldn't it but I doubt it. From what I've seen many are not sold on Dykes and a ton don't want anyone associated with the Leach tree.

    I think Neal Brown is a pretty good coach, he just wouldn't excite them enough I bet. We'll see if any of this comes to pass. I'm still not so sure but my buddy has been right on other things so you never know.
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  16. There will be a lot more action after this coming weekend.
  17. My guess is whoever they choose will have been offered the Oregon job as well, but chose Tech instead.
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  18. Everyone has a purpose in life.
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  19. Oregon State.
  20. I admit, I laughed..

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