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  1. I hope Matt Rhule stays at Baylor forever.
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  2. Dilly Dilly

    EDIT my last dilly Dilly btw.
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  3. Sumlin being out at A&M and Jimbo Fisher replacing him seems to be gaining some traction.
  4. Would be a good fit in College Station- Jimbo demonstrates Brilesesque powers of being "unaware" as necessary to optimize football success.
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  5. Bet Sumlin wishes he could go to UCLA.
  6. Surprises me honestly. Just don't see Jimbo being a good fit there for some reason. I guess A&M is willing to do whatever it takes.

    Outside of money, Jimbo has built a good thing in FL. He's a perfect example of what might happen if you push on a coach in a down year. He might just say darn it and leave!
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  8. What is Jimbo’s supposed motivation for leaving FSU for A&M? I haven’t been paying attention, is it just money? Is he unhappy at FSU?

    I’ll believe it when I see it
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  9. More smoke on that front
  10. Why is Jimbo considered a good option?

    He inherited a very established program in a very fertile area for recruiting.

    Until the rise of Clemson in the past few years they have dominated the ACC and benefited from the train wreck at UM.

    I am not saying he is a bad coach, only asking why he will be successful at A&M if he is stepping into a more difficult situation?
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  11. May change the Chip to Florida stuff...
  12. love how they use the Mayfield crotch grab pick for story
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  13. I don’t want anyone with any success going to aggy. In fact, they’ll probably claim the 2014 national title.
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  14. Seriously? He certainly took over an established program, but one that had finished in the top twenty once in the five years before he took over. Obviously it's fertile recruiting ground in Florida, but so is Texas so I can't imagine a difference there. Say what you want about his corn pone schtick, but his career winning percentage is better than the legend he took over for, and that almost never happens. Not sure how you can question his coaching bona fides, especially when he's got a national title to his credit.
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  15. Local(DFW) radio was talking about this last week. Said ATM may make him the highest paid CF coach in the country and not by a little.

    Also mentioned was the heat he's taking for having a down year considering all he's done for FSU has rubbed him the wrong way.
  16. Interesting. Seem like leaving FSU for Aggie is a weird play. Wonder if he is not getting along with admin there.
  17. Yep. It’s not just about firing your HC these days. Gotta fire him before another school takes the guy you want.
  18. Nope, we won that one!
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  19. Bowden built that program literally from nothing. He coached for 34 of the 70 total football seasons. He officially has 304 of the schools 536 win despite 2 fewer season.

    His winning percentage of actual games won is greater than Jimbo's, but the NCAA voided 12 victories swings the percentage to Jimbo.

    Prior to Bowden FSU NEVER was ranked in the Top 10 at the end of the year. Bowden's teams were ranked in the Top 10 14 straight seasons.

    Yes, the program slipped under Bobby, but the very reason Jimbo can walk into any home in the country is because of what Bobby Bowden built. For Jimbo getting that head coaching job it was similar to buy a AB Distributorship. Some work needed to be done, but don't kid yourself that Jimbo had to build a damn thing and A&M has no where near the cache' that the FSU program did when Jimbo took over from Bowdne.
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