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2017-18 Men's Basketball Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. TCU comes in at 29th in the preseason AP poll.
  2. I see us as 25 or 26.
  3. They are intentionally holding them back to cut down on the Stub Hub flippers.
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    I doubt it. Is there a big market for TCU vs: ULM, Tennessee Tech, Nebraska-Omaha, William & Mary, South Dakota or Belmont? No, there’s not. The big games are all well into the season and holding them back until November 6 instead of October 25 does nothing to slow resale. There are only 12 season tickets for sale on StubHub, so I don’t think the secondary market is all that sizable.

    FWIW, my order history now shows my basketball tickets with a 10/4 “printed date.”

    There are 276 season tickets for sale on gofrogs.com. Getting so close to a sellout, but it doesn’t look like we’ll quite hit it. If you’re on the fence, they’re only $275/each for 18 games. You get priority points for the season tickets and loyalty points when you renew next year. If you do buy and can’t make many games, do be sure to get them into Frogs’ hands or use the “exchange” tool in your gofrogs account.
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  5. Last year we over exceeded expectations, but this year we truly have a team that is capable of winning a couple games in the tournament. Can't wait for the season to start.
  6. Just got an email stating my tix shipped today. Hope they don't have to be signed for like the football tix.
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    NM. ATO put me in my place.
  8. As noted above, season tickets have finished printing and have started to ship. Majority are going FedEx 2 day delivery. No signature required as we tried something different for football but obviously did not work as well as we would have liked.

    If your account address is a PO Box, then tickets are shipping via Priority mail 2 day delivery.

    If you requested to have tickets at will call, they will be available on Friday. We will send an email when ready.

    In response to comment about Fort Smith, AR...that is where our season tickets get printed each year. They are shipped directly from the printer to your address. That is why it always says “Fort Smith” in the delivery route.

    Thanks for your support and see you at the games this year. Will be exciting!

    Go Frogs!
  9. Peace is such an arse hole sometimes.
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  10. So often it's hard to know when I'm not one.
  11. Sometimes all the time
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  12. Hey. That's what I said.
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  13. Thanks ato! Got the shipping email late this afternoon with the tracking showing a Friday delivery date. So excited for this season.

    I live the same life.
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  14. I don't know anything about A&M this year but find it funny they are ranked 25 after going
  15. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-ba...0/ranking-every-team-college-basketball-1-351

    How are these rankings created?

    Halfway between a pure rating system and a pollster's (greatly) expanded top-25 ballot, you'll encounter something like these rankings. They're the product of a lively and occasionally contentious conversation between yours truly and my laptop.

    I start by rounding up the usual modeling suspects, namely, how good was the team last season and who's back from that roster. I make due allowance, where applicable, for sensational incoming freshmen. Lastly, I tweak as I see fit, allowing for things like transfers, aberrantly good or bad 3-point luck on offense or defense last season, coaching changes, etc.

    Now, with all possible questions answered (right?), here are my rankings for 2017-18. Enjoy.

    1. Arizona Wildcats | RPM% 49
    2. Wichita State Shockers | RPM% 93
    3. Duke Blue Devils | RPM% 19
    4. Michigan State Spartans | RPM% 77
    5. Villanova Wildcats | RPM% 53
    6. West Virginia Mountaineers | RPM% 53
    7. Cincinnati Bearcats | RPM% 73
    8. Kansas Jayhawks | RPM% 37
    9. Kentucky Wildcats | RPM% 7
    10. North Carolina Tar Heels | RPM% 38
    11. USC Trojans | RPM% 98
    12. Purdue Boilermakers | RPM% 72
    13. Virginia Cavaliers | RPM% 51
    14. Northwestern Wildcats | RPM% 88
    15. Florida Gators | RPM% 48
    16. TCU Horned Frogs | RPM% 82
    17. Gonzaga Bulldogs | RPM% 38
    18. Xavier Musketeers | RPM% 69
    19. Texas A&M Aggies | RPM% 83
    20. Notre Dame Fighting Irish | RPM% 61
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    6. West Virginia
    8. Kansas
    16. TCU
    25. Baylor
    28. Texas
    31. Texas Tech
    33. Oklahoma
    37. SMU
    38. Maryland
    39. Oklahoma State
    41. Kansas State
    48. Iowa State
    61. Vanderbilt
    68. St. Bonaventure
    80. Yale
    82. Nevada
    126. Belmont
    155. New Mexico
    159. South Dakota
    177. William & Mary
    214. ULM
    232. Tennessee Tech
    245. Nebraska-Omaha
    268. Texas Southern
  17. We good. But we aren't that good. Are we?
  18. No not yet. But we do return so much production, and added studs so there is potential.

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