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2017-18 Men's Basketball Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. Season tickets are now on sale to the general public at gofrogs.com
    No lower level seats, but there is availability in Sections 201, 203-205, 209-213, 215-216, and 218

    By my count there are 416 seats for sale as season tickets.

    Jump on the bandwagon, earn some priority points, and pack the house, Frog fans.
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  2. There is literally not a bad seat in that stadium, maybe behind the basket, but I have wondered how much “value” they will be able to drive in that stadium between seating areas. Some yes, but maybe not as much as a big arena could like the Erwin Center.
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    FYI single game seats go on sale 11/4 for non-conference and 12/16 for Big 12 games. There will be very few single game tickets as there’s essentially no visitor allotment. The school will hold a few back and release on a single game basis as they don’t use them. Best way to guarantee tickets is to get them now. 18 games for $275. Basically $15/game. You get 9 Big 12 games, SMU and Yale in that. Some of the other OOC games are yawners but it’ll be early and still fun.

    And FWIW, there are only about 100 KU, 140 WVU, 160 SMU, 175 UNO and 191 ULM tickets for sale on stubhub so we don’t seem to be totally overrun by ticket brokers.
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  4. I am so ready for the season it’s not even funny. Those into Twitter check out ARob as he looks like he’s ready to play today. Jamie has brought the expectations of the fans to an all time high.
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    Only 11 more days!

    FYI, only 291 season tickets remain. Would be so awesome to sell them out. Buy on gofrogs.com. Only $275/seat for 18 home games (9 Big 12, SMU, and 8 other OOC games). Single game tickets for OOC go on sale Monday. There won’t be many available.

    Speaking of, has anyone received their tickets? My renewal isn’t showing on my gofrogs.com order history.
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  6. I called last week. They said they expect them to ship "early November." I also inquired about purchase history and they confirmed that my renewal is in their system.
  7. I’d be all over $275 for season tickets if I didn’t live 4 hours away. That’s a great deal.
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  8. And I’ve been told the team is looking really good.
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    Ridiculously great deal. Breaks down to $20 per Big 12 game and SMU and < $10 per other OOC game. Plus the priority points.
  10. I’m almost tempted to buy them anyway.
  11. At the Frog club luncheon last Thursday coach Dixon said the Samuel kid might not ever suit up for TCU because of unfortunate circumstances. His island home school was blown away and the stateside school is permanently closed. The NCAA cannot get academic records from either place and therefore might never be cleared to play anytime soon or ever. Coach Dixon says he is very bright and doesn’t want the situation to be construed as he is not capable of being a good student. Said TCU got NCAA clearance to help his family thru the school hurricane fund for all affected students to use for some housing at another place as the island is completely gone.
  12. Can the NCAA not ask TCU for his records? Surely they have some type of records of when he enrolled to TCU
  13. Agreed. There had to be records he submitted to even be admitted to TCU.
  14. How terrible for the kid. I hope everything works out for him. This is where the NCAA needs to do the right thing for a change.
  15. This seems absurd. Do better NCAA.
  16. Yea, not complaining because I’ve never been let down by the ticket office. But there is a disconnect between what appears to be a decent internal ticket system and the email / online communication with ticket holders. My initial confirming email for football season tickets was in error. When I called they said don’t worry it’s correct in the system. Well fine but not super impressive.
  17. I don't really get how we are 10 days away from the first home game and they have not even sent the ticket shipping info yet. Not a lot of margin for error, considering ticket purchases and upgrades were processed months ago.
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  18. Yeah, it feels like they’re cutting it really close.

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