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2017-18 Men's Basketball Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. You continue to suck.
  2. Fans are suckers for winning regardless of schools. TCU fans are no exception. We continue to win, the fans will show.
  3. I'm pumped for the game. Starts at 4:40am local time where I'm at and you better believe I'll be up and watching
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  4. Can't wait until Friday night. I want to see the team compete in the tourney and surprise some people. We are better than Cuse or Ariz St., just have to go out and prove it.
  5. who are we playing on friday? has it been determined?? what time is the game? PST please :)
  6. Resource I looked at says 8:10 central so 6:10 your world.
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  7. TCU will play the winner of tonight's game between Arizona State and Syracuse University approximate game time for TCU Friday is 8:40 Central Time depending on the end of the game between Michigan State and their opponent 8:40 central time is an approximate time on CBS
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  8. I hope we don't come out "rusty" against a team that would have played 48 hours prior.

    I guess it has its pro's and con's.
  9. Coach David Patrick accepts UC-Riverside job--will coach thru NCAA's for TCU
  10. I am super excited about Frogs b-ball making the turnoument! Go Frogs! I think it boils down to our three point shooting. We do well when we hit our shots! I hope we get used to the larger stadiums and are well rested. I wish we had both point guards, but Robinson can get it done.

    Who does the board think will be the surprise stud for TCU?


    I am picking NOI to go off in the big dance!
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  11. Im pulling for Az St. tonight, they are favored by 1.5
  12. As an aside, I never would have thought looking before the season at our non conference schedule that we would end up having beat three NCAA tournament teams.
  13. Boeheim is german for Dumb Face
  14. SU vs ASU a close game. If the frogs shooting woes are over, I like their chances against either of these teams.
  15. Sloppy basketball.
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  16. Neither ASU or Cuse is very good offensively. Given we struggle on the defensive end, I think we match up well with either of them. Having said that, we still have to shoot well.
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