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2017-18 Men's Basketball Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. Would love a recap of the scrimmage/event tonight if anyone here went.
  2. The scrimmage was tons of fun. The crowd was about 40% full on one side and 10% on the other and behind the goals. They played a real scrimmage and played hard. Team drained a bunch of 3’s. Kenrich was great. Didn’t really notice the new guys much. Team was carried by most of the guys from last year.

    I can’t remember who won the 3 point contest but Kenrich has a smooth looking J from outside. I was a bit underwhelmed by the dunk contest. Probably because I went to a Late Night with Roy Williams at KU a while back and remember seeing those dudes FLY. Desmond’s final dunk was off an alleyoop from Jaylen Fisher from the 10 rows up in the stands and he won it.

    Then some back up brought the house down when he canned a shot from half court on behalf of a student. The shot was worth 1k and coach wrote him a check right there.
  3. OOC single game tickets are on sale. Probably only 100 or so available for SMU.

    Season tickets still on sale. Looks like there are about 95 left.
  4. Noi looked really good in the scrimmage.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. 80 season tickets remaining.

    2 single game tickets for SMU remaining.

    Maybe 200-250 single game tickets remaining for Friday’s season opener.
  7. Darn SMU. I hope we stomp a mudhole in those pecker heads. It'll be terrific to embarrass that "basketball school" at their "preferred" game.
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  8. All that did Tom was make me want the season to get here.

    Let’s go Frogs!!!
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  9. Is today fall signing day for MBB?
  10. tomorrow is the signing day for basketball, baseball, and other non football teams. another site says that the player from New Zealand has already signed. They are about 16 hours ahead of us in time. It is already Wednesday there now.

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  11. Yes the early signing period begins Wednesday for everything except football and soccer.
  12. What a class we have if everyone signs early.
  13. Bump, cuz Up the Funk
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  14. This class is going to be a good one! Any chance of a surprises?

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