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2017-18 Men's Basketball Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. We're about 5 months away from tipoff, but here's a fun way to start the new season thread:

  2. I wonder who will start on opening night? I predict Brodziansky, Miller, Williams, Olden, Fisher. It will be interesting to see how the minutes will be distributed...
  3. IMHO Our success last year was directly related to our improved guard play. Adding RJ and Olden to that rotation should make us very dangerous. We need to be able to stretch the court and keep the dbl teams on Brod to a minimum. Gonna be. Fun year.
  4. Bwahaha 3rd best big 12 and we were dead last a couple years ago. Thank you CDC, thank you JDC and thank you donors.
  5. If Robinson doesn't start, I'll eat my hat. He may well have been our best player last year.

    One thing I think worth mentioning is, Dixon will have his hands full after Brod and Kenrich Williams, replacing them after next year. Those guys are both pro prospects and future prospects have a long way to go to fill those shoes.

    It was a shame that TCU really brought the Dixon schemes together so late. I actually think they might have been the second best team in the 12 at the end. To his credit, Dixon recognized all this early on, telling everyone they weren't rebuilding but instead, competing in the 12. I bet he never dreamed of the talent he inherited when he took the new job. Dixon was even slow to realize how good Broz could be, and finally seeing the needed weight room work.. Recall that Johnson had combined some serious talent, minus point guards, but he clearly was not the floor coach that Dixon is. Johnson saw the future for Broz when almost everyone else failed to see it, to his credit.

    All this came to a success for TCU, along with mighty donors, with only Johnson, a true casualty. Well, maybe Trent being another. Whatever, what a finish and a 32 point smashing of Geo Tech in the finals.
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  6. Having a great 6'th man spark is sometimes more important than who starts. With depth our team could play 10 with no giant weakness in a couple of years. Imagine how much more competitive practices are now in Forth Worth. Fun to watch, but I think we need to finish with an above .500 record in the Big 12 before we say we are the third best team. I do like high expectations though.
  7. One thing that's pretty clear: the days of the frogs being the annual Big 12 doormat are over.
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  8. Robinson is a high risk reward guy, big time assists and turnovers. Very good penetrator, with much upside if he can continue to play urgent but more under control. Fisher will also be much improved after the transition to speed of the game / quickness of opponents.
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  9. disagree that Johnson saw the future with Vlad and same with Miller (though not as consistent). I thought Johnson held them back too much two years ago in lieu of playing Shephard and Washburn. the young guys were showing flashes and yet he stuck with his older players to the detriment of his team and their development. I highly doubt Vlad would have seen nearly the court time or development had the coaching change not occurred. With that all said, I'm just glad Johnson brought all the guys to TCU that he did. Credit where credit is due.
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  10. Trent is crying all the way to the bank.. Transitioning to the Big 12 from being a bad team in the MWC was a monumental task- in reality, a head was inevitably going to roll- Jim Christian got the heck out of here when the B12 announcement came- he knew his future as a head coach was doomed if he stayed here..

    TCU's script worked beautifully as it has since Windegger and Tucker left in the late '90s.. CJD knew when it was time to come here..
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  11. I think people forget that Vlad was brought in to be a stretch four and not a five. Vlad is tall but his game is more similar to Dirk than he is to a center. I can't wait to see his improvement this coming season.
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  12. How tough was the Big 12 last year? All we had to do was win a few of the last 7 games to go to the big dance, but lost all of them. Then we win the NIT. I think our guys learned a lot last year and will have the confidence they need to compete in this conference. Probably the toughest league of all.
  13. Would love to see Vlad play the 4 with a real 5 playing for frogs.
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  14. I agree that the guard play was a giant plus last year, but Vlad's play down low was HUGE for that team. He was awesome
  15. As long as Kenrich brings back the shag haircut this season, all will be well.
  16. He has reported it's gone for good.
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  19. No guarantee he'll beat out Kenny trill
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  20. Well crap. Was really looking forward to watching this kid.

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