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2017-18 Men's Basketball Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TCUdirtbag, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. Unless I'm mistaken, I believe we have one 'ship open now.
  2. Any decent chance this gets filled for 2017-18 or is it too late?
  3. Look for a full court press on Cam Johnson now.
  4. I think Cam Johnson and Rafus are the names to watch right now. Rafus still hasn't signed with anyone.
  5. Last I heard, TCU "can't take him." [Rafus]
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    Another OOC game on the books. As of now we've got vs Nevada in Los Angeles, at Vanderbilt, home vs. SMU and Yale, and the emerald coast classic in Destin, Florida (bracket tournament where we'll play 2 of Maryland, New Mexico and St. Bonaventure). Based on Dixon's track record at Pitt, I wouldn't expect any other marquee OOC games, but that's not a bad slate at all. We'll get 1 or 2 (not sure of the format) of the emerald coast preliminary games at home from Omaha, Tenn Tech, some directional Maryland school, and Jackson state.

    FORT WORTH, Texas – TCU will play Nevada at the second annual Basketball Hall of Fame Classic on Friday, Dec. 8, 2017, in Los Angeles, Calif.

    The one-day triple-header at STAPLES Center will also feature Oklahoma vs. USC and St. John’s vs. Arizona State.
  7. Hopefully Rafus.

  8. Unfortunately Rafus is not going to happen.
  9. Bumping the thread after reading the articles on the Australia trip. The results and stats don't mean much given it's August, the team is incomplete, and the competition isn't NCAA D1, but Noi is the two newcomer putting up noticeably good numbers. Nembhard and Olden aren't putting up as-great #s (and from the 2 games I've seen stats from, Hamdy had 1 good and 1 not so good outing) but getting valuable experience and becoming part of the team. And generally the players that made the trip are all getting great experience and extra practices.

    Fisher (injured), Mayen and Samuel (still clearing NCAA) did not make the trip.

    From the box scores, it looks like we have a new walk on as well (or someone on the practice squad making the trip) - a senior and former TCU golfer Clayton Crawford. Dalton Dry is the only walk on from last year still on the roster, meaning we have some room this year.
  10. I am wondering if this is the Clayton Crawford that is walking on


    This was a couple of years ago but he may still be at TCU. His dad was an All American tennis player here so there is a connection.
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  11. Yes, this is the same kid. Note he's not on the roster yet, just in the box scores from Australia. He'll be a senior at TCU this year and played golf his freshman year.
  12. On another note, the non-conference and conference basketball schedule should be announced any day and by about September 1.

    2016: full slate released 9/1
    2015: non-con released 8/10 and Big 12 released 8/20
    2014: non-con had no official release, Big 12 released 8/14
    2013: non-con released 7/16 and Big 12 released 8/8
    2012: full slate released 8/9
  13. It's all about experience at this point. Don't even look at the box scores. Our top 6 are settled. Let these new guys get some experience, even if against lesser competition.

    I still can't believe I'm talking about TCU hoops in August. Has the world gone mad?

    Go Frogs!

  14. How times have changed with us talking BB in August while football practice is in full swing. This trip to Aussie is good for the players not in the top 6 as they will be better for it.
  15. Wish I was down there.
  16. Agree that box scores vs. basically unknown opponents are mostly useless. Can grasp a few things, though. Here are the box scores for each of the 4 games they've played in AUS:

    Game 1: http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools...o_pdf/2017-18/misc_non_event/TCU_Savannah.pdf
    Game 2: http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/tcu/sports/m-baskbl/auto_pdf/2017-18/misc_non_event/TCUCOE.pdf
    Game 3: http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools/tcu/sports/m-baskbl/auto_pdf/2017-18/misc_non_event/TCUMAS.pdf
    Game 4: http://grfx.cstv.com/photos/schools...o_pdf/2017-18/misc_non_event/TCULonghorns.pdf

    Some takeaways:
    • Bane, Vlad, Williams, Robinson, Noi started the first 2 games (note: Fisher didn't make the trip); Miller started in place of Noi in game 3; Robinson, Williams, Noi, Olden, Hamdy started game 4.
    • All the scholarship players (note: Fisher, Mayen, Samuel didn't make the trip) are getting at least 15 minutes and no more than about 28 per game (note: they didn't keep minutes in games 3 and 4).
    • Bane, Vlad, Noi look to be good from the charity stripe; Miller looks not very good; Williams should be better than he is - again though, it's August.
    • Not going to read much into the board numbers and turnovers/steals given the competition. Some guys have had some meh games, but nothing concerning in FG%, again given the competition and month.
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    Non-conference schedule is the most solid it's been in years. Not overwhelming but okay. No true road games though (except @ Vandy for Big 12/SEC challenge in late January)

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  18. We're @ Vanderbilt, so that should be a true road game.
  19. Quick OOC breakdown:

    - 13 games (= 31-game regular season)
    - 9 home games (= 18 total)
    - 1 road game (@ Vanderbilt)
    - 3 neutral site (UNM, St Bon/Maryland in FL, and Nevada in LA)
    - 5 games vs. 2016-17 NCAA teams and 2 vs. NIT teams

    2016-17 Records:

    ULM: 9-24 (2-16 Sun Belt, last), no postseason
    Tenn Tech: 12-20 (8-8 OVC, T-4th East), no postseason
    South Dakota: 22-12 (12-4 Summit, 1st), NIT 1st round
    Omaha: 18-14 (9-7, Summit, 3rd), no postseason
    New Mexico: 17-14 (10-3 MWC, 5th), no postseason
    *St. Bonaventure: 20-12 (11-7 A10), no postseason
    *Maryland: 24-9 (12-6 B1G, T-2nd), NCAA 1st round
    Belmont: 23-7 (15-1 OVC, 1st), NIT 2nd round
    Yale: 18-11 (9-5 Ivy, 3rd), no postseason
    SMU: 30-5 (17-1 AAC, 1st, Tourny champ), NCAA 1st round, W 74-59 vs TCU
    Nevada: 28-7 (14-4 MWC, 1st, Tourny champ), NCAA first round
    TX Southern: 23-12 (16-2 SWAC, 1st, Tourny champ), NCAA 1st round, L 59-96 at TCU
    W&M: 17-14 (10-8 CAA, T-4th), no postseason
    Vandy: 19-16 (10-8 SEC, T-5th), NCAA 1st round
  20. CJD has been busy. Was on the sideline. In Stillwater on Saturday. Then back to practice.


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