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What have we missed?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Froglaw, Jun 10, 2020.

  1. I've missed:

    1. TCU in the NIT;

    2. TCU in the CWS;

    3. Rangers opening day;

    4. Shakespeare in the park; and

    5. Three annual golf tournaments just to start.
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  2. Main Street Arts Fest
    Fortress Fest
    Fort Worth Food & Wine Festival
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    I had a hotel reservation in Omaha, but honestly it conflicted with what would have been my daughter's graduation party so I might have canceled anyway.

    I missed my daughter's grad party; I hope we still have one later this summer.

    I'm about to miss the Elton John concert I had tickets for Tuesday.

    My daughter missed a spring break trip to Europe that she won't go on even if they reschedule, because college. I missed a trip to see my brother in Florida during my daughter's trip.

    Edit: and I miss the days when we complained about stupid sports things on this board, and I had no idea of any political leanings of anyone.
  4. James Taylor and Jackson Browne at Dickies Arena.
  5. I miss Double D Sr who passed away April 13th.
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  6. Normalcy
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  7. i missed the opening of my 8th restaurant in nyc.
  8. Bummer
  9. Trying to top Sweat Equity?

  10. I miss a sane society.

  11. Wish all of them were as easily missed as Shakespeare in the park.
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  12. To be fair, it's been a long time since sane.
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  13. Son's first year of t-ball. Now he'll suck for the rest of his life.
  14. ULL this season. For sure.
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  15. It's not about Shakespeare as much as my annual getting together with my 4 friends (two couples), eating KFC, grapes, cheese, and my famous frozen Sangia.

    It was the start of summer.


    I usually fall asleep in the second act to the great annoyance of Showgirl '81.
  16. I missed nothing

    I didn’t participate in the idiotic lockdown

  17. In news that will likely surprise absolutely no one on here, I’m a yearly benefactor of Dallas Shakespeare (which just means I make a modest yearly donation). So I was really upset we lost this year’s season. They were going to do two comedies (Much Ado and Merchant of Venice), which are always crowd pleasers. My best friend was set to play Don Pedro in Much Ado.
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  18. My three favorite comedies are Much Ado, Merchant of Venice, and Something About Mary.
  19. Doing it with somebody besides me.
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  20. Had a two week trip to Italy booked for mid April that obviously had to be cancelled.

    Have never been to Europe before, or anywhere overseas for that matter, and we had put in quite a lot of time and effort to plan it. Thankfully we were eventually able to get all of our money back (which wasn't easy).
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