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Warning: Don't buy anything from Boykin on Instagram or Twitter

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Sweat Equity, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. Then why not tell the police and help those who don’t read KFC?

    For Chrissakes.
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  2. I dont care who or what it is why would you send a large some of money to someone for something when you know you have no protection against fraud?
  3. I don’t understand the logic of this scam. Isn’t the point of scamming people over the internet so that the victim doesn’t know who you are and you can get away with it?

    Was Boykin under the impression he would get away with doing this to multiple people, all of whom know exactly who is?
  4. It wouldn’t surprise me if that was his impression. It’s not like he’s shown a lot of awareness in other situations. It is what it is It’s like he’s almost destined to end up in the gutter eventually. Sad.
  5. Guys who spend their time trying to stir [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] up on fan message boards are barely a notch above those who attempt to de-fraud people
    If 42 points in the first 35 minutes against the (at worst) second best defense in the SEC is “average,” then sign me up for that.

    I gotta say, you really twist yourself up in knots sometimes.
  6. Boykin was 22-31 for 187 yards, 3 TDS and 3 INTs. Normally that’s a losing effort. The defense scored once, gave up 129 yards, and turned them over 4 times. They are the reason we won the game.

    I’m not stirring things up, I’m just stating facts. It wasn’t a great performance by the offense (they didn’t score 42 points by the way), the defense dominated the game. The Peach Bowl probably wasn’t even in the Top 15 of TB’s best games.

    How am I wrong?
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  7. No way you are going to use this an an opportunity to talk about Ohio St that year...NO WAY!!
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  8. You say it’s sad......I say he’s simply a scumbag criminal.
    Hope he has some nice “welcome parties” in prison.
  9. So no else gets duped? He was thinking with his TCU heart as many of us do.

    I actually think it took more courage for S E to come here and admit it than not to say anything at all and some other Frog fall victim to TB.
  10. If you want to help make sure no one else gets duped, tell the police. There are many more Frog fans not on KFC.
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  11. Whatever. Thanks for posting! I wouldn’t file a police report either.
  12. I'm on the side of filing a police report. Not sure why you wouldn't. To "protect" him? Posting this story on the internet is the opposite of that, so I would think a police report would help a lot more people than a story on a forum.

    Sorry this happened to you.
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  13. Well, I for one hope he at least put that money to constructive use. Maybe he’s going to pay to spruce up a community center in some disadvantaged neighborhood somewhere.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Yeah, over 400 yards of total offense average. OK...
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  16. Im sorry.. But by not calling the cops I'm actually beginning to wonder if this story is true. There is no way any half way educated person with all the evidence in the world doesn't call the cops.

    I don't care if you're a millionaire or what...not pursuing this legally makes me question the whole thing.
  17. Can we lock and pin the thread?

    How the hell did this become a debate over whether OP should inform the police. That’s his decision, you’re not changing his mind.
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  18. First of all, getting the white collar crime unit interested in an internet transaction of $2K is sometimes difficult depending on your jurisdiction.

    Second, getting a conviction for criminal fraud is even more difficult if the transaction was in cash.

    Cheats are out there and they will steal what is yours.

    I assume when I loan money to friends and relatives I will never see it again.

    An employees adult daughter (a legal assistant) came to me begging for $2300 to move to her new apartment. Swore on the life of her 5yo child she would work weekends in my office to pay me back.

    She worked four hours on one Saturday and never came back.

    People who loan money to friends are headed to disappointment.
  19. Boykin had multiple chances from coaches.

    He’s had multiple chances with the legal system.

    He still hasn’t learned, and now he is screwing his own alumni. My opinion, he needs lots of legal action that keeps him in jail a good while.
  20. I bet you wanna watch.

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