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Warning: Don't buy anything from Boykin on Instagram or Twitter

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Sweat Equity, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. I can't even find Boykin on Twitter any more.
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  2. Dude! You lost all of your Equity!
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and scheiss baylor!!
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  3. #frogfactor
  4. But did you file a police report?!? That’s going to add some closure to many here. We need to know.
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    I don’t disagree with that, but the hardcore fans are here at this site. Do both.
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  6. I’m pretty sure we could have easily run up another 200 yards and 17-21 more points if GP had wanted.
  7. You need to file a police report ASAP.
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  8. He's deleted everything from his Instagram too.
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  9. Yea, cause deleting social media content always works.
  10. I usually just cut out the middleman and gift ‘em the money anymore if the story holds any water. Avoid the sour grapes altogether.
  11. Weird how this thread is talking about anything other than Boykin sucks as a person.
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  12. The Internet is for disagreement.

    (Someone posting “No it’s not” in 3...2...1...)
  13. Yes! That is exactly right. Good ball player, [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]ty person. Very very sad as that was not apparent while he played for TCU. I think of little Abby and what she must think now.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Unfortunately skill at football and being even a decent human being are not always paired up.
  16. I think the piling on is a little rough. Yea, if true, this really sucks, but the guy is at an all time low. Sometimes that happens in life before things get better. I'll gladly hold on to the thought of what the Frog Nation did for little Abby because of TB.
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  17. upload_2019-7-20_21-55-53.gif
    From Avenue Q
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    He footballed real good, but he is a legit darn up as a human being. I have no shame in piling on. I was a huge Boykin supporter and now I hope gets his comeuppance. The guy screwed his team over for the Alamo bowl, he has a laundry list of a rap sheet and now he’s scamming good people and alumni who supported him.

    Edit: “if true”.... so what if he’s at an all time low? He created his all time low and has continued it time after time..... And why would SE make that up? It’s obviously and painfully true and Boykin needs to learn a lesson. Darn that noise.

    The dude is rotten.
  19. Imagine giving Trevone Boykin money in 2019
  20. Is that some sort of John and Yoko reboot? If so, I’ve not heard it. Please post a link.
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