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Uhoh, Urban...

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TCURiggs, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. This is amazing. He is apparently, not only a sorry POS, but just as tone deaf as Baylor cultists.

    I love it though! Just shows again how ridiculous that investigation was and for him to again say they believed he wasn’t lying is great because anyone with a pulse knows he was and knows that investigation tried to use some interesting language to work around that fact.
  2. Pure gold. He won't be able to shut up.

    Says the president found that he didn't lie. Umm, the report says he found that you didn't deliberately lie. Big difference.

    Between Urban and Zach, they just keep adding fuel to the fire.
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  3. Someone with more time and skill than me needs to photoshop Meyer's face onto this movie poster.

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  4. Or this one...
  5. He’s a sociopathic sack of garbage. I’m betting this is a large part of it. Reports were he did not want to accept any suspension because he felt he had done nothing wrong. Also, this may be a recruiting ploy, prove to parents that “See? See this? I really didn’t do anything wrong.”
  6. He keeps this up, he'll be his teams biggest distraction.
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  7. aaaand here come the sign ideas...
  8. If you change the name it’s gold.
  9. [​IMG]

    Obviously change Carrey to Urban
  10. I will admit my urban ignorance—was he a dirtbag coach at Utah too? Or did it all go down poop hill in Florida to start?
  11. I'm sure he's been a dirtbag everywhere. There just weren't as many eyeballs on him until he got to Florida to call him out for what he really is.
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  12. Which reporter is going to ambush Urban and ask him why his first response was to apply bleachbit to all his texts in the time window relevant to this investigation?
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  13. This needs Twitter to take it to heights it deserves to see!
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