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Top things you want to see as a fan at the 2019 home games

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by LeagueCityFrog, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. No rap. No "hip-hop". No "Stadium Rock". In fact, smash the speakers and bulldoze the mounts, then dynamite the support foundations. Sowing the ground with salt afters would also be a nice touch...
  2. I have season tickets to TCU and the Cowboys. The TCU game experience has become so stale, and it is in need of a massive facelift. The experience has become a scaled down (worse) version of the Cowboys. TCU needs to let the collegiate atmosphere of the game shine a little more. Let the band have more time to play songs, have more "Go Frogs" cheers, etc. It is almost like they have contracted out (probably did) the game day experience to the Dallas Cowboys.

    I have always loved TCU games (and all college games) more than NFL games, but in my opinion the Cowboys experience has probably surpassed the TCU experience. I NEVER thought I would say that, but it has been the truth the past 3-4 years.
  3. More kiss cam. Totally need more kiss cam.
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  4. And snackwards. Always more snackwards. Should be a whole video screen dedicated to snackwards that plays the entire game.
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  5. Wins!
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  6. TCU needs to incorporate top 3 lists into the game day experience.
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  7. Need to diversify the foods too. They ever done popsicles? Asking for a friend.
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  8. Indeed
  9. Can we please get rid of Deep in the Heart of Texas....jazzy style? It drains the life force out of me
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  10. Fewer TV timeouts. (Yes I know it’s not possible).
  11. Kick Baylor out.
  12. In memory of one of TCU's finest....it would seem apropos to include the song "Baja Oklahoma" among the

    repertoire of songs played prior to kickoff.
  13. with ShowGirls
  14. Yeah, because the first thing I think of on gameday is "by golly, I sure hope Lockheed Martin makes the planes for the flyover"

    The only thing I care about is that we do the riff ram chant at the top of our lungs!!!! Riff ram bah zoo!!
  15. In all seriousness, are you people real?
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  16. Sell scheissing beer
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  17. What’s keeping u?
  18. If you want to sell beer great, if not I could not care less. Between the distance from my seats to concessions and the lines I rarely buy anything. I'm not gonna miss 5 minutes of game time for a freakin beer. I barely have time to get down from my seats, pee, and get back to my seats before the 2nd half kickoff. Beer or other drinks are more important at say, a Cleburne Railroader game where I don't know the teams as well and I'm mostly there to relax. I don't understand why TCU football needs beer at all.

    Why not just make it no in n out period?

    I don't really pay that much attention to things like the music or the intro videos.

    Most important thing to me is figure out some way to get people in their seats on time. One of my biggest pet peeves about the game day experience is missing half the first quarter because of the late arrivals.
  19. If the frogs run out to “All for the Love of Sunshine” I will immediately send the Frog Club a bonus.
  20. I'm sure I'll get roasted for this but why this demand for an early warning sysyem?

    Currently they sound the Frog Horn and announce how much time until Horned Frog Football. What more do you need?
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