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Top things you want to see as a fan at the 2019 home games

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by LeagueCityFrog, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. 1. Better qb play
    2. One of the young WRs stepping up to take the focus off Reagor.
    3. Darius Anderson return to his sophomore form.
    4. Good o-line play.
    5. No losses at home.
    6. Throwing to our TE more.
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  2. Do this and every change mentioned here immediately becomes unnecessary. Put some alcohol in the common folk and everything else will work itself out
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  3. Um that would be moobs. ;)
  4. I just had my first CBD popsicle today. Cherry flavor. Soooo good. Lol. A little THC too. They called it a pot pop lol. That would be a perfect concession stand item.
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  5. Durty Hippy... Does WalMart have those?
  6. Walmart might have a prayer to finally compete against amazon if they got into the pot selling business.
  7. Just saw today or yesterday that WM is committing to next-day delivery on all their cheap chinese crepe. Assuming without knowing that it's going to be free or close to it, ala Prime. I don't know what they could ever do that would prevent the feeling walking into their stores of having the soul sucked out of me.
  8. A riff ram that doesn't suck. One that does not have some no name dude talking about riff ram...

    And that this song never gets played...

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  9. Wouldn’t know. Never shopped at Walmart :).
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. 1. Red zone TDs
    2. The people near my seats to stop crying bloody murder at every penalty called against TCU. Our players hold and commit PI, like every other team. Less than Baylor tho
    3. The students to actually show up and stay. More of an issue the past few years than it was earlier in the Big 12.
  12. It’s interesting how there was such a grass roots effort to not shop at Walmart 5-6-7-10(however many) years ago as they were putting small town grocery stores and retail shops out of business.

    Yet because Amazon delivers(Walmart did not at the time), no one seems to care about Amazon putting businesses out of business.
  13. Sounds great!
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  14. Elitist
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  15. Louder Riff Ram? Are YOU serious?
  16. Your music choices are awesome! Wish you were in charge.
  17. In addition to everything else already said...

    On the topic of music selection, please play some actual Country (or better yet Country-Western) and none of this Nash-Vegas pseudo-country crap. You would think that there was no good Country music to ever come out of Fort Worth or even the state of Texas with the songs they choose.

    My preference - pick out some songs or musicians with a Fort Worth (or at least West Texas) connection. A little Bob Wills, Willie Nelson, Pat Green, or Townes Van Zandt (esp. Dollar Bill Blues) would be great.

    But if nothing else, please, for the love of Marty Robbins, absolutely no more Honkytonk Bedonkadonk. If I here that at a TCU game one more time (let alone forcing the Showgirls to dance to it), I’m gonna puke.
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  18. Thank you. I listen to a bunch of music in a given month. I also try to think about how TCU football is trying to brand itself and future recruiting. Like almost everyone on here, I am completely sold on those new Nike uniforms, especially the all purple and all white. They look like Black Panther/TCU Baller to me and that has to appeal to these recruits we got coming through right now. I thought the beat of Martin Garrix 'Animals' starting at the 1:52 mark completely parallels what those unis look like and the "Animal" of a football team Gary is building right now. Maybe TCU could remashup this song for a hype video or it could be used in the stadium.

  19. Given the choice of funding an unknown family or large corporation, I’d choose a family.

    Add the option of saving me 30+ minutes to spend more time with my kids and I’d send that money to almost anywhere.
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  20. Fans in their seats earlier than usual.
    Fans stay the entire game.
    A healthy team all year long.
    A consistent FG kicker!!!!
    A QB that isn't turnover prone.
    Beer sales to keep the fans in the stadium with no re-entry.
    Turn down the speakers.
    Fewer commercial breaks. Yeah right.
    No more jazzy "Deep in the Heart of Texas".

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