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Top things you want to see as a fan at the 2019 home games

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by LeagueCityFrog, Jul 12, 2019.

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    1. A crisp intro video, 60 seconds or under.
    2. The Fort Worth built F-22s flying over to start every game. Just awesome. What a recruiting tool!
    3. An early warning system telling Frog fans that they need to start heading to security checkpoints to get in the game on time. I suggested last spring putting some TCU cheerleaders in some golf carts with a chuck wagon dinner chime to "call in all the Frogs."
    4. TCU Athletics starts the Frog Alley TCU band and Showgirl performance 15 minutes earlier to help stop the glut of people trying to get into the Southeast stadium entrance.
    5. To you nay sayers, I like the cheerleader led, mic'd up, stadium wide "Go Frogs!" chant right before the team comes in. Take that.
    6. I hope they leave the "All I do is win" and then rolling into "Sandstorm" alone and keep those two right before kickoff. TCU got those right on the money when they were rolled out. Student section nails that every time.
    7. The offense needs a consistent swagger song when they come out each series like Boykin and Friends did in 2014 with "We Dem Boyz." I'll suggest the instrumental version of Yung LA's "Ain't I" or Texas' own Paul Wall's "Bizzy Body." Or alternate these two songs between offensive series.

    They both sound like the theme song to total Killa-Frogs coming at ya.

  2. 6 tcu wins, everything else is fluff
  3. I'd love to see myself at a game this year. My 10 year perfect attendance streak ended last season, looks to be another rough year for my attendance
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  4. Sell beer throughout the GD stadium and end the re-entry crap.
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  5. #1 Wins
    #2 The west side lower bowl seats actually occupied.

    That is all.
  6. Less dub-step, more crowd noise.
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  7. Cloudy skies without rain (unless it’s a whiteout).
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  8. You had a couple good ideas, but the second I saw these two I thought maybe this entire post was a joke. Particularly, "all I do is win" when all the fans are supposed to yell "T-C-U". Instead of letting fans do the yelling the have piped in crowd yelling "T-C-U". It is just terrible

    Those are probably my two least favorite things about the gameday experience. Those two things along with the insanely loud speaker system are plain awful.
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  9. [​IMG]
  10. Release Oprah on the tailgates 20 minutes prior to kickoff
  11. Football games
  12. Frog TDs and Beer flowing from the mountains
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  13. Win all the games. Do that and all the important stuff takes care of itself. All the meaningless stuff like intro videos, swagger songs, go frogs chants, etc will remain meaningless and nobody will care whether we play Sunshine On My Shoulders or Enter Sandman through the sound system.
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  14. Top 3 things, dummy.
  15. I would say more boobs, but too afraid that might be misinterpreted as a call for Art Briles’ return.
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  16. That's your opinion. I like them both as is.
  17. The only thing I remember people "complaining" on this form about that I agreed with was that Billy Bob's square dance segment. TCU Athletics agreed with you and they removed it.

    It appears they also heard loud and clear on the Riff Ram video last year, but it appears that probably most of the complainers on here didn't submit anything to them to make it cooler since they've had to keep asking for submissions.

    There are a decent amount of posters on here that just whine and don't ever offer anything positive to attempt to make things better. Why would that be? Because it is way easier to complain then come up with positive solutions.
  18. 1. An offense that actually has a flow to it.

    2. A lot less receiver substitutions.

    3. No opponents fans sitting behind the TCU bench, and no opponents fans sitting in known TCU season ticket holders seats. Start making season ticket holders accountable for who they sale or give their seats to, or lose their seats.

    3. Much better music selection. Less rap, no Sweet Caroline.

    4. Stadium beer sales, no re-entry.

    5. Less injuries to our players.

    6. Wins, wins, wins...
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  19. Yes end re-entry!!!! Will be tough for TCU halftime tailgaters, but culture will change and we can have good crowds when the team comes back at halftime.

    If it's hot instead of free Pepsi let's have free water. Maybe set up areas in the stadium with cool off stations in which they have fans and/or the mist. Or set up this misters like they have at Six Flags where if you need a cool off you press a button and the mist comes out.

    I also like the idea of the early warning system telling Frog fans that they need to start heading to security checkpoints. Or hire people to walk through the tailgating areas encouraging people to head to the checkpoints. Better use of employees to do that then hand out coupons or football guides.
  20. [​IMG]
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