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Top things you want to see as a fan at the 2019 home games

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by LeagueCityFrog, Jul 12, 2019.

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  2. Yes amazon has taken it to a whole new level. I have to say, I do like to shop local and support small business owners whenever possible. They are sooo important to our economy as well as providing beautiful quality unique products that might not be available on amazon. That’s where innovation starts. :)
  3. I'm a nerd because I don't need beer to enjoy Frog Football? Or because I think our fanbase should be in their seats before kickoff?
  4. Just skip all the beer sales crap and make it byob with no in-out. You’re welcome.
  5. all but beer.
  6. A legit way for me to take an empty seat on the west side instead of nose bleeds
  7. West side 400 has plenty of availability. Hardly nosebleeds at the lower rows.

    If you have >100 priority points, then you can move into the 300s (301-304 & 312-316) during renewal process
  8. +1
  9. I am guessing those are the end zone to 10 yard line areas? I don't remember seeing 2 seats together between the 20s. I would love to be in the 300s but I am on on the aisle close to midfield, still about 20 rows up. The last few years I've been moving up about 2 rows a season. Not going to give up midfield for the 10 yard line. So I guess I will get there in about 10 years.
  10. How about a mock execution. Every week it can be someone we all hate. Art Briles the first week, Muck Angel the next. BEVO the next week.

    Have a GP lookalike holding a huge axe and chop their head off. Or, a ridiculously large guilotine for dramatic effect. Then the GP lookalike can run around the field yelling, “are you reeeeeeeaaaaaaaadddddddyyyyyyy!!” and throw the decapitated head into the crowd.

    Now THAT would get the crowd pumped up.
  11. Nothing personal. I’m naturally weary of anybody that claims they don’t need beer.

    It’s not you, it’s me.
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  12. I believe 303 and 309 are between the 20s. Call it 25 or 30.

    I moved down from the 400s to a seat on the 10 in the 300s and have zero regrets.

    Much quicker getting out, can still see 90% of the game.
  13. I didn't say I don't need it. I just don't need it at a Frog game.
  14. Are they much more expensive than the 400s? I am in the 2000s on priority points, can't remember why I wouldn't have jumped on those.
  15. Just want to see Maniac complain that the lower west side is too full of purple and wayyyy too loud.
  16. A Chinese Crepe a day keeps the doctor away. I’ve always said that.
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    Gary is going to take care of the on the field product for sure, my posts are focused just for fan experience and how to get the crowd in the game earlier and loud as the team runs out. In that spirit, here are three examples of TCU produced or contract purchased team intro videos. I think the crowd reaction tells you which style was more effective building crowd cheering. I keep harping that these intro videos need to be crisp, like 60 seconds or under, and not too wordy. I also think the Brent Musberger, "And TCU is Going to Win the Rose Bowl!" video and audio segment should be part of every TCU intro video. Instant purple crowd fire upper.

    This was the 2016 intro video. Super Frog got a louder cheer from the fans than our team. This video was too long, too wordy, and weird. When you have someone like FDR talking about nuclear fallout shelters you're going to lose the crowd.

    Here is the 2014 intro video. Just over a minute, plays like a rock video, shows elements of TCU football, speed and hard hitting defense, easy to enjoy.

    Here is the 2015 intro video. Crisp, around 1 minute, very well edited, no spoken word, music does a great job building to the end.

    Two angles from two games in the same season.

  18. Yes
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  19. Cheaper than my 400s. I believe it’s 350/ticket vs. 400?

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