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The Masters: predictions

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Putt4Purple, Mar 29, 2021.

  1. I'll be in Tampa next month for a family trip. Probably won't take the clubs--no one else plays--but mulled the idea of driving out to Streamsong one day. Anyone have a preference if you had to pick one of the Doak, Coore/Crenshaw, Hanse courses there?
  2. Worth taking the clubs and going - it’s a great resort

    how good are you?

    the Hanse course was my favorite- black course - by a lot to be honest but it was also the best condition and off by itself a bit more

    the red and blue (Crenshaw and Doak) are intermingled a bit so similar terrains. I liked the Red more than the blue because some of Doaks holes feel the same and a bit ho hum

    but all three were really good tests from farther back and the resort is solid
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  3. Thanks, FlyFishing. Good thoughts. Do they require a certain handicap? In my early days I was a 5 but now mid-80s playing 4x/year. Little time to play = no short game and no active index.
  4. Ha! I'm going to be there for a week next month, too. I totally forgot about Streamsong. Thanks for reminding me! It's about 1:15 from where I'm staying, and I'd drive that far to play it.
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  6. No but red and blue seem more friendly to me and black more a shot maker challenge
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  7. Think a ton of it is mythology that still exists among instructors that draws magically go farther so it’s coached into them. Even you have plane and path mixed. A flatter plane doesn’t equal a more rightward path. They are two separate things that can look similar on a video screen.
  8. Playing with strangers on vacation is awesome. We usually take a family trip to Fla every June and I'll play 3-4 times. I've never been paired with 3 and usually it's just me and one other dude. Played Sandestin 3 times last summer and all three rounds were less than 3 hours. One was just over 2:30. It was great.
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  9. Curious why you like Shady more now? It's pretty much the same golf course but more open off the tee.
  10. That’s part of it. Thought it had way too many trees. Taking out many of those opens up sight lines and makes it much better visually. The new bunkering also showcases the topography much better and frames the holes better provided a better visual of what you are trying to accomplish with each shot. Green complexes are also much improved in my opinion. Still significant undulation but more thought to where ball needs to be and more fair. Hit a good shot and for the most part it’s rewarded. Some of the old greens didn’t reward well played iron shots. Think controlling your golf ball is at a much higher premium now. Going hole by hole, every single hole is improved either a little or a lot and that makes the golf course overall significantly better.
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  11. Six KF.c'ers have joined the group. Let's have at least 10. Last day to take a flier on Scottie Scheffler or show that you were the guy who knew that Sungjae was ready to win a major.
  12. I guess if you start at an F and now your a D it is improvement.

  13. Do you have anything positive to say ever? The par 3s are far and away the best collection of par 3’s I have played. There are a few courses I have missed but have played most of them. Par 4’s are now all good holes. Par 5’s are still weak but are much improved. It’s good enough that Medinah hired ogilvy to do their renovations after they saw it
  14. Tommy fleetwood
  15. 5&12 are ok, way too severe on left side of greens. 7 is a nothing par 3. 3,4,9,10 all pretty weak 4s. It’s a golf course that is way too severe around the greens for high handicap players.

    Incredible clubhouse but you step foot on the golf course and practice tee and it’s terrible.
  16. 3 is a pretty good golf hole now. Good risk reward. 4 is much much better. Green isn’t severe at all anymore. 9isnt much off the tee but the bunkering around the green is awesome and the green itself is good. 10 is a nice tight hole. They need to come in and do some more work on it but pretty sure it got delayed because of covid.

    7 isn’t a throw away nothing with the new green. 5 and 12 are great. Don’t miss left. If you miss over there then you just aren’t very good.
  17. I guess we have different ideas of a good hole. Colonial par 3s are way better than Shady.
  18. Both courses have a very good set of par 3’s.

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